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Day 4 and suprisingly keeping it together?!

I'm new to this forum so firstly *waves to everyone* Heellllooo!!

So yeah background story briefly, smoked since I was 13 am now 22, average on 20 a day, it's a habit i pretty much never quit because as sad as it sounds... I enjoyed it. Recently I've been fed up of the chest pains, the weezing, the regular coughing, the breathless feeling when i climb a flight of stairs, things as simple as that. Also the way I smelt all the time of fags.

Meh anyway, decided the whole New Year New Me as we do... :rolleyes:

Taking it pretty seriously this time round, I've tried to quit in the passed but never really WANTED to, I just felt pressured by friends family and most of all my partner who I know would love to see me quit and is incredibly supportive of the idea and me with the whole quitting process.

Anywhoo, it's weird..I'm not climbing the walls desperate for a fag?:rolleyes: Instead I'm focusing on the positives, the extra time I have at work not having so many fag breaks infact I've got talking to people I don't normally and met some new people at work! In just the 3 days I've not smoked and been there. Also using all my nice new body creams and sprays from christmas presents and being able to smell them for longer than half an hour after I would usually shower then have my ciggarette. :o

Either way, I think the key here is to focus on the good stuff, any time the idea of a cigarette comes into my mind or 'hey this is when i'd normally smoke' I simply stop and think about something else completly straight away, I'm avoiding the mere thought of smoking. It helps that I'm not around smokers on a regular basis, only when I was at work and I currently have no reason to go to the smoking area! *nods and beams*:D

Summary? So far so good, don't wanna speak to soon. FYI? The headaches and stomach pains as a result of the early stages of withdrawel are pretty dire and pain killers do nothing for it. Read up on these being physical withdrawel symptoms in the early stages of quitting so yeah, thats not fun, but I think I deserve the punishment for smoking in the first place, it only lasts a week or so I've read lol.

Hope everyone is going good with their quitttting!! come onnnn! WE CAN DO ITTT!!

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Have to say first of welcome ((waves)) back :D what a great positive post

You will find as much support as you need and if you want to join the new year quitters click on quick links then social groups and they are listed there its good to be able to see that your having similar experiences with the cravings insomnia (madness) sometimes but and this is a big BUT it does and will get easier i know so far your coping ok and i hope it stays that way for you

Onwards and upwards is the way to go

Regards Carol


Hello, welcome *waves back*

Great to see such a positive post! A good mental attitude will get you a long way. As will the fact that you really want this. You'll find the coughing/wheezing disappear amazingly fast and you won't believe how much better you feel!

Just a quick warning not to let the smoking demon leap out and bite you on the bum: after the first week or so a lot of people find that there's a thrill/high to the initial quit which wears off, and the cravings can get a bit tough just when you think it should be getting easier. It might not happen to you, but it helps to be prepared!

Not wishing to sound patronising, but well done for doing this while you're still young. Most people in their twenties don't have the stamina/sense to quit. Here's to a healthy rest of your life!

Helen x


Very well done.

When and if times get tough remember something. At just 22 you definately should not be coughing and wheezing and loosing you puff going up a flight of stairs. Come 23 you'll be running up them stairs 2 at a time :-)

Good luck


Nice 1 Bebeleesa, right along side with day 4 myself :cool: Not sure about the keeping it together part personally as it's early on as yet but I admire your pazazz!!! well done :)


Thanks all, really appreciate your supportive encouraging posts. I have to admit I never really thought about the bigger picture and quitting in my early twenties, I guess I realised if Im gonna nip it in the bud I need to do it sooner rather than later!! Again thankyou so much for the support it's really good to know theres so many of us going through the same thing!!

Today wasn't too bad on Day 5.

My sleeps pretty disrupted and I was unusually tired today compared to the past few days also achey around my joints and muscles? strange.

Also I wanted to know what everyones opinion is on something, i popped to the pharmacist this morning before work (forgot to put my patch on before i left my house so had to grab some) and came across on half price the nicorette quick mist oral spray? anyone tried this, if so what are your thoughts? i've yet to try it?



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