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Smoking and pain

Just thought there was a's just that I have an infection at the moment and I'm in a fair bit of pain....but crikey it seems like this has triggered a massive crave to smoke. Come to think of it I used to smoke a lot of ciggies if I were feeling pain (time of the month etc)...just wondered if there is a connection between the two. Like does nicotine act on pain receptors therefore diminishing the level of pain?

Anyway, first time that I'm struggling for ages...hopefully when the antibiotics kick in and the pain goes away my craves will go too.

Lisa x

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I have read somehwere that smoking reduces the sensation of pain. Did in fact have to agree when I waxed my top lip first time as a non smoker.....eye wateringly memorable :D. has levelled off again now though thank goodness!!


of course it does, pain makes us stressed, what did you used to believe about stress? smoking helps it...but really it doesn't it actually makes it worse.


If there is a link, then its pretty ironic.

I have COPD, and originally gave up because of the damage that I was still doing. I carried on smoking even when I had bronchitis and everything was so painful. Despite this, here I am again, trying to stop once more. Just what does it take to convince yourself?


To be honest smoking does bugger all except give ya somat to do while ya suffer and if your bored it gives us the illusion of doing something which we are .pouring boiling oil into our lungs and inhaling hot gases looking all sophisticated but really no different to agluesniffing plonker or a sad smak head or a street drinker in the gutter, non of which anyone would choose to do if they had half a brain. one puff will lead to full blown addiction very quickly. i for one intend to carry on saying no to one puff at a time. no way jose is smoking a painkiller. opium yes.

Mash x


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