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Day 2 of Cold Turkey

Hi all

coming to the end of day 2 and boy do I feel down. I know its all to do with the lack of the nicotine. I am dreading work tomorrow even though I usually like my job and was quite looking forward to getting back to the good old routine of work.

I am single this time trying to quit, and its difficult when you feel like this and living on your own. no one is around, usually to have a go at! I am getting invites to go to pub to watch football, but too early for that I think.

I have tried quitting many times with limited success but this time I have to do it. I can not remember feeling this down before though!

Just thought id wish you all good luck and keep going!!


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I am in the same position back to work tomorrow and dreading it keep thinking of all those times I used a fag break as time for a bit of time out but we can do it, the worst day is over we can buddy if you want as really apart from my dughter I am on my own too but keep strong and good luck :)


Hi Ben hang in there it is bloody tough at the beginning.....I avoided going out for a while as I thought I would be tempting fate :rolleyes:

Just take it hour by hour.....I'm single too and use to come on here to rant and moan and weep and shout and every other emotion going :eek:

But it is a great support network :)

Hang in there you CAN do this



thanks you two.

Looking at all the posts helps you understand why you do feel so low and your right Michelle, great support network.

Buddy sounds good Nikki, and good luck with work tomorrow. I am the same with breaks. Good to go get some 'Fresh Air' was always my thoughts. How daft :). Have to have a walk round the office instead or come onto this forum

I think I am going to stay off going for a pint for this week at least, i do have a mates birthday on Saturday so that will be a test. I am tired of telling people i am going to quit and fail, so i will keep telling myself that when i head out.

take care


lol I have got to go out on saturday for my friends birthday but there is only 1 smoker going out so hopefully should cope ok. I am not drinking only coke as I can't cope with cravings and being drunk. We will get there :D


good plan, although i dont think i will be forgiven if i drink coke all night, just going to hope these next 4 days i can mentally prepare myself. Although, if you smoke but cant remember it, does that count? ;-)


lol yep afraid so nice try though


you were saying Ben?!?!? lol

more exciting than a fag surely :rolleyes:


Hey Ben,

Total sympathy, im feeling really crappy without my crutch called nicotine, but Im intending to walk without it!! no matter how much i feel down, and jeez everything is annoying!!!!! even had a mini hissy fit because i had forgotten my password for stupid...

This is my first time at giving up after being a chain smoker of 20years, with a 40+ a day habit, I have a long list of reasons to give up, and not one valid excuse to carry on puffing, now is my time, good luck to you, you can do it!!!

Kaz xx


Hi Ben,also just finished my 2nd smoke free day and been taking champix for 13 days,I find they do take the edge off but I also feeling down and irritable,been biting the kids heads off over the most trivial things,poor little loves! Ill see you more on here Im sure,its a great group,so much support.

Good luck and dont give in x


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