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My mouth tastes like a 1000 fags....NOT!!!!

Sorry Robbie...but my mouth doesn't taste of a 1000 that is exactly how many I would've smoked. It's been 9 weeks since my last fag and I'm absolutely bloody chuffed! Well done everyone for giving up...and well done to those where Old Father Time persuaded you to have one or two but got straight back on the no smoking wagon. I'm well proud of us all.

Lisa x

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Merry Christmas Lisa



Well done Lisa - good to see you are still strong. I don't think there is anything that can stop you now. :)

1000 fags seems obscene when you think about it now, doesn't it? I really can't imagine getting through them all now... :eek:


Awesome! It's such a great feeling isn't it. I think my ciggie count is 1250 now. Shocker!

I'm so proud of making it this far.

My next door neighbour has also given up and he is struggling from time to time and said to me yesterday "if I said to you now, lets for a drive to have a cigarette what would you say?" I said no!:D


Hey Lisa, well done you! Massive achievement!!! :D


Blimey! I've never thought of it as individual cigs - truly horifying :eek: Well done on your quit! Great stuff!:)


EXCELLENT NEWS LISA. Happy New Year to you. Jacqui November N.O.P.E.RS group.


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