No Smoking Day
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Made it to day 2!

What a personal victory for me - I've made it to day 2.

Yesterday I was grumpy - it is really weird because it was my decision to give up smoking, no-one forced me into it but I was blaming everyone for putting me through hell and I really wanted that 'fag'. Grossly unfair I know, but that's how I felt.

This morning I found that I had had the best nights sleep I've had in a long time which was pretty amazing. Yes, I craved for my fag within 5 minutes of coming downstairs, but I stuck my stickers on my wall chart instead which made me feel better.

I am still 'smoking' my pen top - I used to have a plastic fag somewhere but can't find it. It does seem to help with the cravings. I am also stuffing my face with all of those left over sweeties from Christmas but my reckoning is that it will be easier to lose weight than it will be to quit smoking again.

Can you use one of those inhalators or electronic ciggies with patches, does any one know, please?

Tomorrow will be crunch day as in the past, I have never gone longer than 3 days before without giving in.

Wish me luck!!!!

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well done and yes you can if you use an E cig then you wont need an inhaler but just remember its an habit your breaking so using something else to pretend to smoke with is still sending signals to your brain it is hard to find something else to do with your hands when you first quit i know i found it hard i started doodling and i know afew that started knitting obviously sitting on your hands only works till you need to do something but remember you have to break the habit but you will get over it typing on here helps as well i played alot of free games (still do) via facebook that helps to keep your hands and mind busy i also tried tapping which helped with the mindset if you type it into youtube you will get loads of videos up the ones done by Magnus are really good or go to there is are free downloads on there as well


Thanks Carol,

I'd not really thought that one through - had I??

You are so right - and it is the hand to mouth habit that I need to break - I just thought it was one way of getting over the cravings. I am going to have to learn to knit or crochet or even finish the embroidery I started about 2 years ago!!!!

Thank you.


glad to be of help my worse time when i first quit was talking on the phone because my habit was to roll a ciggie and light up before pressing the button to call and needing (or so i thought) one with my first coffee of the morning i didnt think i could live without either :eek: its weird how your mind is set against you being able to cope doing anything without sticking something poisonous into your mouth and breathing it in fffs :confused:

im sure there is something in there that makes your mind think it needs and cant live without smoking but you will get there things will start to taste different infact for me i actually went of coffee for a long time as it just didnt taste the same anymore i changed brands but i dont drink it as much as i did now i decided to put a limit on how many mugs i drink in a day some days i dont have any as untill i read up on that as well i hadnt realised how much crap is in coffee

so finding anew habit that doesnt involve putting anything in your mouth as a substitute is better for you

sorry if that came across abit heavy :o


Hell no, Carol, not heavy at all.

I need all the help I can get, believe me, with several failures under my belt. This time I am determined to kick this once and for all because of loads of reasons, mostly health related. My hubbie has dusted off the wii and I have learnt to actually use the control thingy so it will stay out of the cupboard for a bit.

My habits were: get out of bed, take medication, smoke, coffee and smoke, start work, smoke, take a break, smoke, smoke instead of lunch, more breaks and smokes, eat tea, smoke, watch tv, smoke and go to bed after at least 3 smokes.

So, the hardest so far is first thing in the morning, like you, talking on the phone (I used to roll with the phone under my chin!!!) and before bed.

I've got the shiniest teeth ever today as I have cleaned them 3 times already - I use corsodyl toothpaste which leaves you with a really vile taste in your mouth so that helps too.

Oh and the tangly thing in the quit kit helps too.

Thanks Carol


Nice 1 Pixie... round of applause to you :)


Thank you and one to you too :D


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