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No Smoking Day
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back again!

hi all, remember me?

back again on the champix with new years day quit date.

last attempt lasted 3months, hopefully can do better this time.

not an excuse but lost my gran and it knocked me for six and the family tore itself apart over her money.

things seem to have calmed down for now..or at least they have learned not to drag me into it anymore. whichever it is, it means i can have another round of beong a non smoker. I am armed with the knowledge that I felt so much better after quitting. Physically mentally and most definately financially!

any other new yeaw quitters out there?

hows all the old gang doing?

happy new year folks!

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hello debbie

well done on your decision with a three month quit under your belt you know only to well the benefits never tried champix but all seems good with the champix quitter on here new year is a great day to start

well done and stay strong



still havent managed to get further than 24hrs!

i KNOW i can do this!!!


Hi Debbie

There is a lot of activity on the forum today and you seem to be getting ignored a little.

I don't have a lot of knowledge of champix but it seems to work well for others in here so it should kick in for you also. Don't forget that it will also take a major effort from you.

You say you have not got further than 24 hrs..... If you have managed 24 hrs then that is good. :) All you have to do is to keep repeating the process. (Ha Ha.)

Tell us more about your quit and how you are feeling and we will try to advise better.

Don't get disheartened, this can be done. Looking forward to hearing more from you. :D


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