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No Smoking Day
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Its never to late

A 102 days ago I went to see my Doctor because I was having severe pains in my legs after walking just a short distance I had been having them for a while but this particular day it was really bad after the Doctor examined me he said I had a circulation problem and he said if I don't stop smoking I may lose a few toes or my foot or even my leg well that was enough for me! So I had a prescription for Champix that day, now the idea with the Champix is you take the tablets and continue to smoke until it kicks into your system then you stop smoking in my case it was 10 days. So I have been smoke free for 92 days and free is the right word in fact its FREEDOM, I also took a photo of my naked leg and I have it as a screensaver on my iPhone so every time I use my phone I am reminded why I stopped smoking. I started smoking at the age of (14) I am now 64 so thats 50 years of smoking on average 20 a day and when I now look back I can now see I was a prisoner for 50 years well no longer! I am now free I just hope no one else allows themselves to be a prisoner for such a length of time. PS The good news is I can now walk pain free over distance so my Doctor was quite right.

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Thanks for this inspirational post Viv! I totally agree with your sentiments, smoking is a mugs game and yes it keeps you prisoner. Like you I started smoking as a child and really could not envisage a life without cigarettes - until I stopped and yes life is better in so many ways. That said I've been having a hard few days lately; I think its all the leisure time which I love but am not used to! In the olden days this free time would be filled with cigs aplenty and I think that is why I'm getting alot of smoking thoughts. Reading posts like yours really helps.:) Well done with your quit and its great to hear that you're not having problems with your leg. Amazing how quickly quitting smoking is beneficial. :)


Hi Viv - huge congratulations on making it through so far - in no time at all you will be passing that magical 100 day mark - that's a real achievement. And I am so very pleased to hear that your leg is better - I remember your early posts and how worried you had been.

You just keep on walking, and enjoying your new freedom - you have every reason to celebrate. :)


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