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WEIGHTLOSS!!!! a forum within a forum

:rolleyes: yep I know I've eaten tooooooooo much and that was even before Christmas became my next excuse......

My burgeoning lardy a**e is expanding at a most disproportionate rate of fat cells...... :eek:

I feel the need for a forum within a forum for weight loss encouragement before I expire of obesity (and not blackened lungs)!!!

Now I treated myself to a Wii (un)fit with my saved no smoking money.....and assessing all my results I consider myself lucky to be walking and breathing.....the darn machine nearly expostulated at my groaning measurements..... ( never mind the children's stifled guffaw's!!)

So I shall munch some more (just to be sociable you understand) then gird my expanding loins for some New Year exercise...... this space.......... :rolleyes:

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Yes Michelle i feel very porky round the waist just about to eat some trifle which my hub made with angel delight and cream as dont like custard. I am going to go swimming but i think im going to have to buy another costume as i dont think il get into my old one. Happy new year. Jacqui.


Hello :)

I too own the wii fit, have done since i had my son in 2010. Sadly mine was used for a month before i got fed up of trying to squeeze myself into the impossible yoga positions ( i have the flexability of an oak tree)

I did lose 16lbs with it though in the times i used it, but it was manly from doing the hula hoop and the airobics work out.

Im thinking of getting myself the Zumba workout, cant decide if i want it for the xbox/ps3 or wii yet though. The ps3 and xbox both need extras to work it, where as the wii dosnt, but our wii odnst really get used..... so i might splash out and get it on the ps3 with the eye.

Quitting smoking was going to be my new years resolution, but id ended up quitting in november.... going on a diet is now my new years resolution i want to lose around 4/5 stone. Seeing as im doing so good with my quit, i cant see me strugging too hard with the diet.


Ha ha, I've bought myself a Wii Fit Plus today too! And also got Zumba today too (went halves with my eldest for that one).

My belly never used to spill over the top of my jeans.... and it's now time to put a stop to it!

The younger kids got Just Dance 3 and Michael Jackson The Experience, so been having fun with that too.

Fingers crossed we all get on top of our new issues soon!

I'll definitely be up for posting results with you all.


Iv said that as soon as i pass my driving test i will look into joining the gym thats situated between home and work, that way no matter what shift im on (late 2-10 or early 7:30-3:30) i have no excuse for going in. Plus on top of that walking our two dogs more (just need to get my english bull a harness as hes too strong for me with a collar an lead) and getting the zumba for one of the consoles.

I did a low carb/no carb diet for 3 weeks not long back and lost over a stone. Only problem with that was, as soon as you start eating carbs again it dosnt take long for the weight to come back on, plus im more of a savory person than sweet person... so yoghurts and things like that i dont enjoy.... prefer my bread sticks/doritos and houmus :o (typical.. no carb diet an im a savory person)

Hope you all do great :)

Iv got just over 7 an a half months to get 2 stone off for the wedding :|


I wish I could find a diet forum as good as this quit smoking forum:confused: Does anyone know of one?

I quit in September and have steadily gained weight despite trying to eat healthily. I can't really get out to go to gym/fitness classes at the moment so I bought a wii fit in December which I've been using. I know it doesn't give you the same sort of intense work out you'd get at a gym but surely better than nothing I thought ( I work in an office as well so don't get any exercise really).

Sorry to say I am still fatter than I was when I got it 6 weeks ago :( Just can't seem to lose weight gain. Any advice appreciated please.


I'm the same, I quit smoking in September and already have put over a stone on :mad: Been saving all the money in a jar and so far have £370 but the rate I'm going I will have to spend it all on new clothes that fit me :mad:


Good idea - but it also needs to link into an exercise forum as they both go together. :)

I have got round (pun) it by knocking a third off my meals and doing more exercise - such as powerwalking, jogging, exercise bike, free-weight reps and rowing machine. Just in the process of researching nordic walking.

I started to keep a diary of my food intake and was amazed how much choc and crap I ate! I have just reduced everything - including my belt!


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