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Day 6: At the Doctors

Went to see the nurse today. She was quite surprised to learn that I've already quit.

I'm not sure that the whole thing helped me at all, to be honest. She gave me a prescription for some inhalers, which I was greatful for, and took my BMI and blood preasure. My BMI was high, but blood preasure was ok.

All-in-all I'm not in too bad shape considering my past lifestyle. I'll be exersising a lot more, eating a bit less and -- of course -- I won't be smoking. I know my cholesterol is very low (I've had it tested in the last two years) so nothing here that can't be improved. Good news.

I asked about my lungs, and was told that I've probably got some damage from my years of smoking, but nothing that should dwell on providing I quit now and start-up a healthier routine.

I'm very much up for it, and I'll be going to the gym soon, and eating more healthy. I mentioned my concern about the depression, but she didn't say much -- only comented that I did smoke a lot, so . . .

The depression's worse than the cravings -- thats why I'm worried. I've not heard anyone else make that statment before. :confused:

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Well, I'll be leaving soon for one of my Xmas night-outs.

Without smokes and without booze! Arghhhh!

I'll be fine, I'm sure. :)


Hi Legs

Just noticed your comment about the depression being worse than the craves. I was much the same, wonder if it's the habit/addiction thing. Habit makes you depressed, addiction makes you crave, perhaps for some the habit is harder to break than the addiction??

Anyway, rambling thoughts aside, glad your appt went fairly well :)


hi there legs

try not to worry about the depression its just in ur head lol (joke)

u know what they say

just because ur paranoid does not mean they are not after you lol (joke)

but seriously

are you on champix ? if so depression is a definate side effect but also dont forget u have booted out a lifelong friend (ciggies) if your anything like me well hey im missing my friend and find myself thinking about old times also depressed about life without my ciggie friend

your mind is also going thru ur quit with ur body im sure these feelings will pass could be due to side effects or then again could be just side effects of quitting either way embrace the hard times now and remember them for the easier times as a reminder that your quit journey is a hard one but you are the one who has got you ciggie free

keep up the good work



Three days, 1 hour, 19 minutes and 24 seconds. 183 cigarettes not smoked, saving $93.48. Life saved: 15 hours, 15 minutes.


Cheers, guys

No, I'm not taking Champix, Zyban, or anything like that. I'm just using the NRT inhaler now (which seems to suit me even better than the spray -- and it's sayved me a fortune in chewed pens :))

I think you're right -- I think that nicotine withdrawal is certainly playing it's part. Like so many other things, smoking impacts our health in so many ways -- it may not be the only cause, but certainly plays it's part. I'm feeling quite a bit better since using my NRT more. Up until now, I haven't been using it anywhere near the recommended amout. I think that I have to remember that I used to smoke 40 times a day; that's a LOT of nicotine. I've probably been high for the last 20 years of my life without realising it! :eek:

Come to think of it, I can't remember getting a Nicotine 'buz' for a very long time (not even first thing in the morning). I suppose my nicotine level never had a chance to drop due to my chain-smoking. Perhaps that's why I'm getting this? If nicotine releases endorphines in the brain, then my constant raised levels have suddently been cut-off. Perhaps that's what I'm experiencing. Who knows. I certainly need to keep it in check, though.

I didn't go for my work do tonight. I wasn't in the right frame of mind, so I wouldn't have enjoyed myself. I'm feeling a lot better stuggled-up a home instead. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to spend my time with the people I love. (Awwwww :))

Anyway... a challenging day, today. But another day smoke-free. And I think the new NRT is helping even more.


Glad you are starting to feel better Legs

I found myself feeling quite low and tearful at times over the first week but it seems to have evened out now. Not sure if my tearfulness was down to the nicotine withdrawal or other emotional stuff I have going on but it definitely knocked me for six for a couple of days

You are doing really well with your quit :D


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