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Well here I am, back on Day 6 ;) and dare I say it not doing too badly. Except I did get kicked off the computer I was on in the library and put on the childrens only one :confused: weird, oh well :rolleyes:

Had a nice long lie-in this morning, well till pm actually, which I reckon I deserved after a busy week running here, there and everywhere. And I was quite happy to be smoke free tucked up with a good book, nice when the craving for a cigarette goes away for a few hours. If I can feel like that once I can feel like that again and again and again yaaaay!!

And in less than 31 hours time I will have done my first week again, like I'm gonna miss it LOL :D

Hope everyone else is having a good day today.

Zoe xx

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  • Hey Zoe

    Well done on getting through your first week! :D

    That's it now - any future wobbles, and just remind yourself that you don't want to keep repeating these early days. Never, never again! :cool:

  • Way to go Zoe, you will beat this I know you will. Keep doing whatever it is youre doing as it seems to be working.

    Lillie xxxx

  • Hey Zoe - really well done. I lve your posts, you are so positive and yet honest too. We are all rooting for you.


  • Well dun Zoe.. Good on u keep going! Iam trying too!! But like u say u gotta be possitive! Wat r u reading at mo? I think I need a good book to read. Any good ideas? Any fav books u recomend to take my mind off things??

  • Thanks all, I've only just found this thread again lol!!

    Feels good to be back in Week 2 again :D

    Glemm, I like reading anything by Jeffrey Archer cos he spins a good yarn. Am reading 'A Prisoner of Birth' at the mo, it's brill and takes my mind off smoking :D

    Zoe xx

  • Nice one Zoe. Iv never red his books bfor but mite be tempted to give it a go. Gotta be better then craving for a fag hahahahaha.

  • Big cheers for you zoe for passing the one week milepost. your in it now so enjoy the great escape.


    mASH X

  • Thanks Mash :D

    Day 9 today WOOOOHOOOO:D:D

    Zoe xx

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