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18 months

My wife gave me a pat on the back the other day and told me she was proud of me for stopping smoking. Which was good timing as it was close to my 18 month milestone.

I used to smoke 2, sometimes 3 packs a day. If i woke through the night i'd go outside to smoke (i used to smoke inside until i burned the sofa one night when i was drunk. Lucky i didn't burn the house down). I used to chew nicotine gum at work then spit it out to go for a smoke break. After the break i'd be back on the gum until the next break. I couldn't go to the pictures to watch a movie without a cigarette break or two. I had to smoke after every meal, before every meal and occcasionally stopping a meal so i could go outside to smoke.

To be honest i didn't know anyone who smoked more than me - or at least someone who planned their day around smoke breaks like i did. And sure it's a bit of a cliche to say that if i can stop then anyone can stop. But its true.

I'm 18 months quit now and the pat on the back was really appreciated. That's also what the forum is. It's a pat on the back, a big hug, it's what we need when we stopping killing ourselves with tobacco. Saying that, i feel guilty that i don't post here very often. I still read maybe once a month, but to be honest, the forum makes me think of cigarettes when i otherwise wouldn't be thinking of them. And despite the 18 months i still get some cravings but nothing that a good forum can't fix.

Have a great Christms folks, and stay smoke free please. :)

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Thanks for the post James I found it a really interesting read.

It does show that despite how much smoking was controlling your life, you still gave it up, and as you said, if you can I think anyone can :eek:

It's always nice to hear from the Penthouse Plus quitters as a lot seem to dissappear from the board, and sometimes us halfway house quitters like to read the experiences and advice :)


Huge congrats, Tao, see you at your 2 year milestone post!


Great to see you Tao, long time 18 months and you thought you wouldnt make 3 months


from me and your wife can share it for remembering without being told, you are one lucky guy.


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