No Smoking Day
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Day Five. Staying Strong

I have been sleeping a lot. I'm not drinking as much caffiene as I did as a smoker but I wake up early then back to bed til 11 am which I don't like too much. Anyway I took a walk and did some errands to keep my mind busy. I don't want to procrastinate things like walking or driving because of the fear that I MAY want to smoke, just do it, like nike says.

Well I went to the gym today, ran 2 miles and worked out chest and arms and feel absolutely great. I don't have those sharp pains in my heart.

A day at a time....Not one puff.

Feels great.

Oh, can't forget all of the pizza I ate yesterday. yuck.. lol....... Taking the good with the bad......

Good luck to another day everyone, hope to see you tommorow!!!

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good luck

Really a difficult time, just be strong and good luck to you!


Yup. One day at a time. I have to say that i'm jealous of you being able to run 2 miles on day 5. Well Done! My lungs couldn't of handled that back then.

Sleep is good BTW. Sleep got me through my worst times. Go to sleep craving amd you'll feel better when you wake.


Onto Day6 ;) And kudos on going to the gym my friend... I'm not even going to thi nk about the gym until the other side of Christmas... But I have bought a new pair of trainer, a couple of new T-Shirts and pulled my squash racket out of the store - excited about be able to play squash again :)

Well done on getting another day under you're belt... Yay to all !!!


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