is there a doctor in the house?

my doc surgery is in process of closing and havent moved yet. just wondering if anyone else has had a week long torso rash and constant itching (i started of making a joke saying i was allergic to non smoking but that didnt work lol also ive completely lost my appetite?? its almost like im bored of eating but worried im noot eating enough not had a proper meal all week?

if it doesnt improve think i will go walk in centre but dont wanna sound daft if its normal.

never quit quitting


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  • Im not a doctor but I dont think that sounds normal. Go to A&E if you havent got a surgery you can use at present. Actually scrap that try and get into the out of hours doctor, ours is called Shropdoc and Im sure most area's have them.

    Dont sit around wondering go and see someone please,

    Lillie xxxxxx

  • Definitely go to a drop in clinic!

    There are loads of things it could be - a virus, perhaps. An allergic reaction (are you using NRT? Any other medication? Changed your diet recently?). Or a response to stress. It could be that the rash and the loss of appetite are related, it could be that they are symptoms of two separate things. Definitely need a medical professional to sort out what's what there! Even if it's nothing serious, you won't look stupid asking.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi guys thanks for help went to the walk in centre and they say its stress related!! well derrrr lol they say to just give it time and it will disappear.

    see im allergic to no smoking!!!!

    well tough cause im not smoking again ever!!!

    I think im finally getting the hang of this no smoking im sure i will still have my moments but hey ho and onwards we go.

    never quit quitting


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