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4 yes 4 years.... have I really done that??


I used to frequent these parts.

Read more than I wrote but this place was a big part of my quit.

On the 27th November, I was 4 years quit, but the best part is I did not remember until today:eek:

I read a book, I have bumped a thread in the tips section, and educated myself on the real reasons people smoke. Its really not as hard to stop as you may think.

I know I will never smoke you?;):D

Merry Christmas everybody (click here for the link to a fabulous website that may save you some pennies)

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Congratulations...4 years is definitely a target to aspire to


You have moved beyond the penthouse and ascended into a Higher Plane of Quitness.

Very well done you :)



Hi Tompots

yes I know I want smoke again (well as sure as I can be) and havent you done well, excellent quit 4 years so you are now into your 5th year.

Thanks for coming on the forum and letting us join you in celebrating you fantastic milestone.


I believe I will never smoke again, but Im not so vain to be certain so I say I wont smoke today.

Its great when people come back to let us know how they are doing, but a shame most dont stay around to help and support those that are following in their footsteps.

However Im sure we all aspire to be where you are.

Well done and I hope you keep smoke free.

Lillie x



I can say it with confidence.

Despite all the years spent perfecting the smoking art we all knew that we hated it and stubbed out many a fag wondering why we'd just smoked it.

The more I don't smoke the more I remember what I hated about it and the less I remember why I did it.

Absence clearly doesn't make the heart that much fonder... ;)

Well done Mr Pots. See you in a year?


4 years is fantastici'll have some of that for myself.

mash .:cool:


Thanks for posting Tomatpots. its all too easy to forget the forum and the support that is so necessary when quitting. Great quit! You've done us all proud.


Congrats Tomatpots!! and nope, not going to smoke again for sure, can't think of a single reason why I ever would ;)


Congrats from me too!most do stick around for a good while after the year quit but there comes a time when the baton is passed on and the oldies get too past it! I will never American another puff again. X


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