4 yes 4 years.... have I really done that??


I used to frequent these parts.

Read more than I wrote but this place was a big part of my quit.

On the 27th November, I was 4 years quit, but the best part is I did not remember until today:eek:

I read a book, I have bumped a thread in the tips section, and educated myself on the real reasons people smoke. Its really not as hard to stop as you may think.

I know I will never smoke again...............do you?;):D

Merry Christmas everybody (click here for the link to a fabulous website that may save you some pennies)

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  • Congratulations...4 years is definitely a target to aspire to

  • You have moved beyond the penthouse and ascended into a Higher Plane of Quitness.

    Very well done you :)


  • Hi Tompots

    yes I know I want smoke again (well as sure as I can be) and havent you done well, excellent quit 4 years so you are now into your 5th year.

    Thanks for coming on the forum and letting us join you in celebrating you fantastic milestone.

  • I believe I will never smoke again, but Im not so vain to be certain so I say I wont smoke today.

    Its great when people come back to let us know how they are doing, but a shame most dont stay around to help and support those that are following in their footsteps.

    However Im sure we all aspire to be where you are.

    Well done and I hope you keep smoke free.

    Lillie x

  • Yip.

    I can say it with confidence.

    Despite all the years spent perfecting the smoking art we all knew that we hated it and stubbed out many a fag wondering why we'd just smoked it.

    The more I don't smoke the more I remember what I hated about it and the less I remember why I did it.

    Absence clearly doesn't make the heart that much fonder... ;)

    Well done Mr Pots. See you in a year?

  • 4 years is fantastici'll have some of that for myself.

    mash .:cool:

  • Thanks for posting Tomatpots. its all too easy to forget the forum and the support that is so necessary when quitting. Great quit! You've done us all proud.

  • Congrats Tomatpots!! and nope, not going to smoke again for sure, can't think of a single reason why I ever would ;)

  • Congrats from me too!most do stick around for a good while after the year quit but there comes a time when the baton is passed on and the oldies get too past it! I will never American another puff again. X

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