My New Reward has Arrived

Using Champix I am typing this out now listening to my new DAB radio what a difference from my other radio the clarity is brilliant my other radio was a right pain! The stations on times would sort of intermingle and I didn’t know what was being said I had to fiddle with the tuner until I could get to hear the station again and quite often I was unsuccessful. But now it’s wonderful and all thanks to me quitting smoking 62 days ago, I put up with my other radio because I couldn’t afford to smoke and have treats at the same time, but that’s all changed I am now A NON-SMOKER.

4 Replies

  • Well deserved i am picturing you victory dancing to new radio tee hee,

    well done

    never quit quitting


  • Enjoy it Viv, you certainly deserve it for all your hard work :)

  • well done

    you're just behind me well done enjoy you're new radio.

  • Viv enjoy your treat and well done . Keep it up :D

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