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week 8 .. Its not so bad


Still good. Theres times I think my life is joyless without ciggs but i honestly don't miss the stink in my hair. The pucker lines around my mouth are almost not even there anymore. My weight seems to have levelled off and has stayed the same for 2 weeks. 5 lb gain in total and YES , it is from cookies lol. My spouse loves the new curves and maybe i'll learn to love it .. or maybe i'll just give up the cookies.

I'm not gonna lie .. i know quitting is hard .. but i think people read the list of side effects and feed off of it. If you think it's horrid enough ,it really is. I could sum up that me thinking my life being joyless is the on set of depression .. one of many side effects to quitting smoking. But I won't because it's a simple case of my conditioned brain trying to get back to what it knows best. It doesnt like change .. and neither do I .. but eventually this shit will be the norm. It has to be.

if this post offends you ..please just go cry in a corner or something ... Not every quitter wants to hear all the horrible things that happen when you quit. Some people need to hear quite the opposite.

happy quitting lovlies ! ;)

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