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tough day ahead


However im feeling pretty positive?!

It is my last assesment for my health trainer level 3 certificate, which consists of 2 roleplays :eek: and completion of all written work (which i should be doing now but on here insted lol).

I hate roleplay and it makes me feel very anxious, however the knowing that this is the last is spurring me on praying for 2pm to come and go quickly.

then i will be a fully fledged health trainer and will be able to assist others to improve thier health wether it be smoking, alcohol, physical or diet related and i now know 1st hand about the no smoking thing lol.

Right best get on with finishing the written, will let you all know how went later.

have a great day

never quit quitting


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Well done cen get through today....after all it's just one day!

If you can get through role playing then this quit will be easy peasy from now on. I hate role playing too, I think everyone just think "nobody likes this so I'll just grit my teeth and get through it".

It'll be nice to not feel like a hypocrite over the smoking thing surely! You're doing so well, if you can do this, you can do anything. Give yourself a treat (another wii fit game, new makeup, perfume anything)'ve saved the money from not smoking and you deserve it when you get through today.

Thinking of you,

Lisa xx

P.S. Do not give in and get'll stink of fags when you do your role play assessment...not good :) Get some chewing gum instead! X

all done

couple of silly mistakes (talking too fast) but yeah all done!!!

as long as my written doesnt need resubmission i am a health trainer :)

best behave and get this quitting thing nailed :)

never quit quitting


Hey Jenni - well done you


Congrats Miss health trainer....I knew you could do it. Now you'll be asking other people to role play hee hee hee.


Congratulations Jenni - well done!


thanks guys im so chuffed, i nearly fell downstairs trying to escape building so they couldnt take it back lol.

As part of my job i will be health training in january and hopefully there will be lots of new year resolutions afoot, and maybe i can help them stick.

if that doesnt work im organising an event on this site at the 3-5 sites i work to promote no smoking day :)

get ready to help with the advice guys we all in this together and i wouldnt have got this far without all of your help and support.(sorry anyone would think i'd won an oscar lol)

never quit quitting


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