No Smoking Day
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Here I go again!

I feel like apologising for taking up space here, but I guess I must just confess to falling off the wagon AGAIN!!!

Looking on the bright side, it has been about two weeks since I started puffing again after about two months stopped.

But really!

So....Sorry to be back here and sorry to have to take up space.


Nobody reading this should be discouraged. Any time we spend challenging the habit is money in the bank...literally and health-wise.

Nonetheless, I am serious about this being the LAST time I'm going round this circle.

Over the last couple of years I've been quit about 40% of the time. Got to be possible to join the dots.

It's habits of mind that get me...A curious pressure build up whilst at the same time enjoying hugely not smoking after so long (45 odd years - GULP!!). No 1 trigger for me is getting with my two older children (who both smoke) and having some beer. Arggghhhh . And parents are supposed to set a good example! Grrrr

So far I've escaped the really serious health problems that some poor folks on here are coping with...But it's only a matter of time!

To everyone who is starting now, I wish all of us success in getting beyond whatever it is that pulls us back. I know it turns out to be in the mind, but finding out just how deeply I'm habituated seems not to be something I can do in advance. That's why, for me, this forum has been such a help.

Let's do this!!!


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Hi Bill welcome back to the forum and your quit. I really do know what you mean as ive had 3 quite long quits but then for some stupid reason smoke again but not this time this time its the last time.

You know you will get lots of support here so yes lets do it :D

Big good luck to you


Heyyy Bill

good to see you giving it another go. I wish you good luck and keep posting.




Thanks guys.

Onward and to the end...this time!!



Good positive spirit you've got there that always help best of luck with last quit.

never quit quitting



Hiya BillG...

Glad you decided to quit again...I too have a lot of failed quits but they are in the past and remain in the past. Good thing for you is that you quit again relatively straight away, last time I had a failed quit it took me two years of smoking to try again, so good for you for quitting so soon. I'm not gonna fail this time...just remember you learn something from every failed attempt. Just use the knowledge to succeed in this quit. You sound real positive this this is it, your last quit. Well done.

Lisa x


Hi Bill,

Dont beat yourself up! We have all been there ( i know i have) I had 1 long quit of around 9 months, and from then to now (13yrs) iv had days without and weeks without.

Today i have started to quit, iv got the patches, iv resisted the urge (so far...) i know ill have days where the urge will be too much, but im hoping i wont fall..

I smoked for 18yrs, its long by some comparrisons, but nothing compaired to others, we all know the urge, the sweet temtation of "just one more wont hurt..."

Hopefully we will all get to our goals with minimal bumps in the road.

Good Luck!


Hiya BillG

I have had one failed quit after another, but like you I decided this was the last time of trying for me. I know that if I smoke now I wont even attempt to try again.

Take one day at a time....I wont smoke today. To say I will NEVER smoke again is a long time, bt one day at a time can be managed.

I wish you the best of luck

Lillie xx


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