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No Smoking Day
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Well I'm back to day 2, better late then never. I quit smoking a few weeks ago, but slipped up last week. I was going to quit again the very next day, but those filthy sticks managed to draw me in for another week. So here I am again.

Day 1 wasn't to bad, I put a patch on for day one for a kick start to my quit. My cravings weren't actually to bad, there were a few moments but they were short lived.

Today so far hasn't been to bad, I've got quiet the headache so this might be helping a bit. No patch today, but I have an inhalor by myside, haven't had to use it yet but you never know.

Hope everyone is going well with their quits.

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Sorry to hear bout the slip!

But at least you eneter this quit better armed and prepared !!

Stay Srong


Sorry to hear you slipped.

I done that a million times . The most important is you are trying again and I know you can do it . :D

Post and read the forum, we are here to give support.


Sorry to hear of the slip, glad you're giving it another go though ;-) On the cusp of passing day2, and totally empathise with you... All the very best and am confident you can do it this time :-)


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