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No Smoking Day
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Day 17

Hi All,I just thought i would let you know i'm still knocking around and have not caved in, but to be honest i have come close.I seem to go for a few days when i'm ok, then a few days including nights when i can't get the thought of a ciggie out of my mind.The bad days and nights seem to follow a bad nights sleep,were i'm awake every hour,i never slept that well before stopping the fags but now its worse.I think i told you in an earlier post that the patches done nothing for me,so i took them off and they are still off,all i use now is 2-3 mini tabs each day and an empty inhalator, but i can't stop saying to myself when iv'e done such and such i'll have a fag,breaking the habbit of when i would have one is the hardest.Anyway i have surprised myself by reaching day 17 (nearly 3 weeks:D )because i think i have the worst willpower in the world.I'm sorry for waffling on but when i get going on this quit matter i'm like a kid in a toy store.


Bye for now


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Hi Freddie and


your are doing so well and your sounding so positive 3 weeks will soon become a month and so on plus trust me when i say this you will start by having a whole day where the thought of having a smoke wont even enter your head :eek: i kid you not and then that will lead to days where you wont even think about it onwards and upwards is the way

the sleep thing will settle down as well


Congratulations Freddie keep going. Jacqui Proud member of N.O.P.E group. Quit: 14.11.11. Live long and prosper.


Well done Freddie:D:D:D


Well done Freddie :D

Congratulations on reaching 17 days. I hope things settle down and you get to have a few decent nights sleep.



Hiya Freddie well done on your quit. I'm having the same problems regarding sleep as you are! No sleep really is the pits. I had about 4 hours in 48 hours a few days ago and like you say it really affects your willpower and quitting seems a struggle. I'm going to the docs if this keeps up just to see if they'll suggest anything. Stay in touch....we could help one another in our quit and this sleep thing.

Lisa x


Well done Freddie. It will all be worth it in the end, honestly. Just grit your teeth and stay strong, and you will find it gets so much easier.


Woe is me

Hi Freddie,

as I type this it's way early in the morning of my personal day 16.

Been where you are just lately and am clinging to the terrible threes theory to get through it all.

I can honestly say that days 14/15 have been by far my worst at times, long times. However, there have been longer spells of not wanting to smoke or just die now!

Drinking at home throughout, weaker patches than my addiction required and nicotine gum that I only use in horriffic moments. Close to forty rollies a day, miss them almost constantly, but the benefits are many, and I hope I'm as strong a Man as I seem to be!

We can all do this...

I used to smoke shitloads of ganja and stopped more or less overnight, did that for around 19 years and got way more in terms of enjoyment than I did from rollies once they took hold.

In the words of the poet,


All the best x


Guys well done on getting this far!

1 week, 2 weeks, 1 year they are all good milestones but try and focus on TODAY.

Today I wont smoke! with regard the sleeping that was the worst for me!

In the end I changed my sleeping and bedtime habbits :

Waking up at 3:00 am instead of 5:00 am = went to bed 2 Hours later then usual.

Tossing and turning before falling asleep= DONT drink cofee 2 hours before bedtime.

That is what worked for me, however you need to get to know your own bodies, CAUSE there have been HUGE changes and you have to adapt.

It cant handle as much caffiene as it usead to.

It now gets a Ton more air then it usead to feel dizzy and high

Dopamine and Serotonin levels have changed

All that is left is for you to find out what the new and improved you requires :)


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