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I smoked last night


Well - in my Champix dream world I did - it was horrible. I had had 2 cigarettes, and realised that I would have to start all over again - and go back to Day 1 on this forum....:confused:

Strange though - when I finally woke up and went phew, my mouth tasted of smoke, and my chest felt as though I had had a good night out on the town and smoked 40 fags. Not a good feeling.

I was glad to have this dream though as over the last week or so I've been having doubts about this quit. I have missed smoking, the cravings are still bad sometimes and I was thinking if it was all worth it. There really have been times when I have just though 'what the hell - I'm an addict - may as well just enjoy being one and smoke'.

So - I am very grateful to these dreams for pulling me back onto this road again....and thanks to this forum which I have been reading ALOT over the last week or so! I am NOT going to give into the 'poor little me - this is so hard' rubbish and I'm not having it any harder than anyone else!

There - that told me didn't it.!

Thanks for listening (reading) - just had to get that off the old chest.:)


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hi fellie

I have been experiencing the same dreams, scrabbling in purse to make enough to buy a packet of fags and i always search for enough for 20 never 10?, woke up the other morning in tears thinking oh feck i will have to start all over again, thank the lord for my hubby calming me and telling me im a spanner and its not true lol.

Before i quit my dreams were about scrabbling for money for grocery shopping!! weird hey, think when i was smoking i knew money was tight cause i was smoking so wondered where money for groceries would be and now i have that money i dream about where it used to go.

i never make sense sorry but basically its normal weird dreams and still we get through it cause that is all they are.

never quit quitting


Completely understand the doubts and the missing smoking. I do miss it a lot - I don't think any of us could smoke for that amount of time and not miss it just a little.

An old workmate who left in August popped in to see us today and we were smoking buddies. As soon as I saw him I really REALLY wanted a ciggie. When he went to leave I went out with him for a passive. I had it in my head that I WAS going to have a puff, but do you know when it came to it, I pulled my inhalator out my pocket and puffed on that instead!!!!

I have only dreamed about smoking once, and in that dream I was rolling one - so weird. Think that was on about day 4.

PS - I wonder how many people have a little gasp at the title of this one!! ;)

The dreams I have been having recently have convinced me that I have a future as a professional movie writer. My genre would be either sci-fi or soft pron

They are very weird :confused: but I love having dreams so it's great

I don't seem to dream at all at the moment - I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! I've never slept so well.

I even got a new book about 10 days ago, and I haven't got past page 2 yet and I used to spend ages reading before I fell asleep.

Argh Marie I wish I had your problem...I'm t'other end of the spectrum and can't sleep! Oh well...never satisfied us humans eh?

Fellie you're doing amazing...I really look upto you on my own quit. I don't have dreams where I'm smoking. I just have naturally vivid dreams anyway. I only have to think what I would like to dream and I dream it. Flying dreams are ace! Anyway, it's good in a way that you remember how you felt when you first woke up after smoking. Not nice at all! I can't get my head around the fact I smoked for years and the next morning was always bad. I felt like shit and I knew I smelt like shit too. Urgh my poor other half having to deal with stale fag breath.

ANyway's just wanted to let you know you're doing amazing and it's just your mind playing tricks wanting you to smoke again. In your heart you know you don't want to smoke. It just takes time for your mind to step to the same beat as your heart. Stay strong, we're in it together and the fags won't win.

Lisa x

It was sweets last night

Thankyou everyone for your replies and support - thankfully have got my head back together today and all happy again....probably coz I dreamed of sweets last night...

I was surrounded by loads of sweets of all sorts and didn't know what to do with them...how silly is that? They should be in my ever expanding tummy of course....tsk tsk tsk! :D

Lisa - I really hope you sort out your insomnia. I don't get that so can't offer any advice unfortunately but I can only imagine it must be horrendous! All the other advice seems sound though...just wish I could wave a magic wand and put you into dream world...

I get the smoking dreams too:) its so weird as i have actually had one in my hand in the dream and it feels really small and weird. You always think in your dreams, "oh no, im going to have to start smoking again!" i wonder why that is is? We obviously know subconsciously that if we have one we will start again. I think it just reminds us that we cant even have the "just one!"

As for the sleeping thing, i used to read a book and be soooo tired and fall straight to sleep, now i cant concentrate as well on a book, reading so much less lately and i definitely dont sleep as well.

On the plus side, saturday morning lie in tomorrow:cool:

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