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8 days in. A disaster and no fag!!

Hi All,

Yesterday was my one week which I was real chuffed about. I was a little worried last night as I was going to a concert in Bournmouth. I never even thought about it once, in fact I could not believe how stinky the smokers were.. I was chuffed.

Anyway I dropped my son off at around 1am and headed home, then disaster. A bloody fox decided to run acrcoss the front of me casing me to brake and swerve causing me to hit the curb and a steel 4x4 post. The car, as you can imagine was a right mess, probably a write off.

After all this still not fag, not even a single craving. Champix you must be good!!!!

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well done you, and thank god you are ok, cars are replacable.

keep up the good work.

never quit quitting



Thanks Jenni,

I am still a bit shook up, but your spot on. I now have a brand new one sitting on the drive.

I still cant believe it happened and I still cant believe I didnt get the urge to smoke.


Well done you for swerving to miss the fox,it shows your human many wouldnt

Mash x


Sorry Darrin missed this thread.

Well done for not smoking after those stressors especially after the car accident. I also had a bit of an accident the other day (not as bad as yours but my first accident, I went into the back of someone). When I got home I really wanted a fag but didn't in the end. So that's massive kudos for you that you didn't even want one. Like mash says most people would have ploughed straight through and probably killed the fox so I'm also glad to say you qualify for being human and thoughtful unlike most people these days.

Keep with your quit, youre doing fab.

Lisa x


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