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Champix advice

Hi all,

I still haven't quit after loads of attempts!! :(

Im going to see a smoking adviser tomorrow and im thinking of trying Champix as I have tried everything else and nothing seems to work. I have been reading reviews on it and alot are bad depression,self harm and suicide!!!! Is this all true?? should I try it or not?

I really want to but am scared of the side affects...




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Hi Jo :)

Please don't be scared of Champix, the nausea is the worst side effect, but you can control that with food, eat a big breakfast and then take the tablet. I have had bad nausea and vivid dreams, but they were worth it to stop smoking. As you can see from my signature, I did slip up, :o but that was due to life probs and not a failure of Champix or a craving for cigarettes.

I have a history of anxiety and depression, but believe me, that was not related to Champix, just me. It didn't get any worse. But, saying that, if you do get untoward symptoms, see your GP straight away.

I'm sure you will be fine :)

All the best,



Oh and meant to say, if you read all the side effects listed in the leaflet you will drive yourself nuts :eek: But the drug companies have to put everything on the list that people experienced with Champix, even though they don't know that Champix caused that symptom, if you see what I mean.

Keep posting on here for support though, and all the best with your quit :)

Zoe xxxx


aww thank you,

I have just read loads of stuff and after today thinking yes this is the way forward to now thinking OMG I really dont want to feel like that and have my OH and 5 yr old daughter to think of too!!

I have quit so many times I can go 3-5 days then a moment of madness I "give in" I just want some thing that makes me not want 1 and hate the taste!! All the NRT I have tried is good but I still dont seem to be able to do it! I did quit last year for 3 months cold turkey and stupidly started again (Really regret this!!) But I cant seem to get my head on it? So im hoping they let me have Champix and then hopefully it will change the way I feel about the fags!!

Jo x



I have tried everything, NRT, e-cigs etc., but for me they didn't work, not to say they didn't work for other people though.

But you have nothing to lose by going for the Champix, it seems to be the Americans who complain about them the most :rolleyes:

So if your GP will prescribe them, which I am sure he/she will, give it a go, it's worth a bit of nausea and a few dreams to quit :)

Good luck,

Zoe xx


Champix has worked a treat for me. Up to day 22 now.

No side effects for me. I do have vivid dreams but always have done. However I honestly think that it is working so well for me on this quit, is that I actually want to give up. I think when I tried to quit before useing Patches, gum, Cold Turkey etc. I actually still really wanted to smoke subconsciously.

give it a shot.


I am soo the same tried NRT ecigs ect.. and Still wanted to smoke!!

You have both convinced me also read a post on here of someone using it and it sounds great so..... Thats it Im going tomorrow to see if they will give it me!

I have lots of dreams now and tbh sickness doesnt bother me (remind me of that in a few weeks!!lol)

I will see what the lady tomorrow says and fingers crossed in 2 weeks time I wont want to smoke!!:D

Thanx all

Jo x



You seem like a real brave lady to me and I am sure a bit of nausea won't scare you. So give it a try, I KNOW you will be a winner whatever you do :D


Zoe :cool:


Thanx Zoe,

I will let you know how it goes



Give it a go!

I quit almost 6 months ago using Champix, and haven't looked back! I know that some people do get bad side effects, but it's not everyone - I had some mild nausea in the mornings, but controlled that with food. I took my evening tablet early, so a few vivid dreams, but not bad ones and certainly didn't disturb my sleep! I should add that I had also read Allen Carr, which I think really helped when I stopped the tablets.

Prior to Champix, I had tried everything - patches, gum, hypnotherapy - and I thought I would never manage to stop. This is the only thing that worked for me - why not give it a go and if they don't agree with you, then stop taking them. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Good luck!


Hey Jo,

I never EVER thought I could quit smoking - not in a million years...and then came across someone who had also thought the same but was 4 weeks into a very successful Champix quit - and I decided to give Champix a go and have not looked back...I think they're brilliant!

Everyone is different in how they react to drugs - some get it bad and some are okay, but I think the majority of Champix users on this forum have been fine apart from the little bit of nausea and the dreams (I like my dreams - they can very entertaining!). Alot of the so called side effects happen when you give up without Champix (depression, dreams, feeling wierd etc). It is good that you have read up about it - but don't let the negative comments put you off...this could be the best thing that you've ever done.

One other thing the GP will not tell you about that I think has helped SO many people to quit is this forum...keep reading and posting and let us know how you get on with the GP.




Hi Joanna

I've given up using Champix. I don't know what day I'm on (that's a good sign!). About 6 weeks I think. I amazed I've got to this point!!

Yes, initially I felt a bit nauseous in the mornings and very tired, but these side-effects have worn off.

Champix for me removed the physical cravings and dulled the psychological ones.

This forum has also been wonderful. For the first month I posted became my new routine. Everyone has been so supportive and informative..I'd really recommend posting here if you can.

Good luck



Hi all,

Thanks alot for all the advice. I went to see the smoking nurse and she has given me a referral for the Doc. So im calling first thing in the morning to see if they will give me a prescription.

I did try to get it last year but because I was given "happy pills" aug last year they wouldnt let me have Champix but the lady today said I should be ok as its been longer than 6 months that I had depression (to be honest it was a couple of weeks off work didnt take the pills I was just stressed with work and home etc..) so im keeping my fingers crossed they will give me them tomorrow!! :D

I will keep you all updated but any more advice would be very welcome

Im wondering how they make you feel like not smoking? I can be on my death bed with chest infection and will stand out the back in snow just to have a fag!!! Will it work for me? Even when I dont need or want a fag I have 1 just stupid I know but I feel im missing out or something really stupid!!!:(

Im just thinking that even if my body says no my head says yes you want 1 and vise versa.. am I on my own here??

Also she has put on my letter Zyban any advise on this as dont know much about it but she said its the same but dont know why it stops ppl smoking so im non the wiser!!

Thanks again guys

Jo xx


Hi Jo,

You sound just like me with the chest infection malarky :)

Im wondering how they make you feel like not smoking? I can be on my death bed with chest infection and will stand out the back in snow just to have a fag!!!

I don't know exactly why Champix make you feel like not smoking, but they do help. For example, I am only on day 3 back on Champix, had a fag at lunchtime and smoking it felt like really hard work :confused: Like I really don't want this thing?? And from past experience, not too long ago, I did actually find myself getting halfway through a fag and having to put it out cos I couldn't stand it!!

So by the time I quit, my memories of smoking were not pleasant ones. It isn't the magic pill I expected though, and I did have cravings but found it much easier than cold turkey.

Hope this helps,

Zoe xx


Hi there I have found Champix to be brilliant but of course we are all different. Your Dr will keep an eye on you and they do tell you that if you start to feel depressed to stop straight away. Its worth giving it a try.

Good Luck


Hi Jo

My understanding of how Champix works is this (from Internet) blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain, this is why you 'should' continue to smoke when you start taking it and that is why fags become less satisfying and taste horrible.

I continued to smoke upto day 15 regardless of what I've just said!! But on my chosen quit day...that was it.

The other thing that Champix does is stimulate your dopamine which is that "feelgood" affect we get from smoking.

However you still have to be motivated and determined. You have to WANT to be a non-smoker

Regardless of taking a drug or having a patch on your arm, if you choose to smoke you will smoke!! Remember you always have a choice!!

I've smoked for 30+ years, 10-15 a day probably double that at weekends.

I quit for 3 years, 6 years ago and since then have made several half-hearted attempts to quit. I too would drag myself out of my sick bed to smoke!

This time though I felt I was ready. I hope you are too because the benefts of not smoking are wonderful.

Wishing you loads of luck


ps. I don't know if I answered your question...for me, Champix just worked!!! I didn't want to/don't want to smoke!


Thanx all I have called the docs today but they busy and as im not a medical emergency I will have a phone call tomorrow. (if they remember!!)

So hopefully I will be picking my Champix up tomorrow night If the OK it for me!! Yey I could be on it tomorrow and on the road to quitting!!!

I really hope they let me have it, my CO reading was 34 so really high that might go in my favor the smoking nurse said and as I have tried everything else on the market and cold turkey!!!:rolleyes: they may let me have it. Am I sounding really sad? I feel excited that I will quit Im so worried incase they say no my docs dont like giving it out :(

Oh well wait and see!!

Fingers crossed!!

Jo x:D


Still waiting!!

Hi all,

Well I have called the doc and spoke to them 4 times since Thursday and am still waiting he is calling me back tomorrow they said..... We dont give out Champix and was having a meeting today he would call me after at half 7 tonight I got a call (after the 3rd call to them today) That he would call me tomorrow tbh its not sounding great :(

so had enough of chasing!!!

Well will keep you all updated!

Jo x


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