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Observation on cold turkey

Just a quickie on Day 25 as I'm tired and off to bed.

Went to pick Harrison up from my mom and dad's and they said that they've really noticed a difference between when I've given up using patches and now that I've given up cold turkey. They say I'm not as moody or irritable going cold turkey and I would get really cranky and snappy towards the afternoon and evening on the patches. Probably cos the patch was losing it's nicotine potency. I've never noticed it myself...well you don't do you. But interesting that really.

They just said it out of the blue and they were really surprised out how calm I was going cold turkey. I think they expected a banshee!!! (well my OH half is seeing the banshee side but I'll make it up to him!).

Nite, nite all Lisa x

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Well done on getting this far Lisa. I know what you mean - I'm on day 62 cold turkey and have to say if anything I have been calmer than when I was smoking :confused::confused: Really thought I would be climbing the walls and snapping at people but I haven't, only thing I have got to do is watch the weight as that seems to be the only side effect I have got from quitting.


I think you folk are touching on a very interesting point in this thread.

This is something I have been wondering about, because "I FEEL CALM", I really do. ... I also get a feeling of calmness in the posts of other "settled" quitters in the forum. I have spoken to other ex-smokers that I know who have said that their "successful" quits were done in calmness. The words used may not have been exactly calm/calmness, the words may have been "felt in control" or "felt relaxed" etc.

Unsuccessful quits seem to be accompanied with feelings of "stressed" or "tensed" or "struggling" etc.

MY QUESTION would be " which comes first ????"

Do we need to be in this "calm/relaxed/settled/in control" frame of mind to successfully quit OR does that calm frame of mind come because you have quit..( is any of this making sense ?)..

Can anyone help to develop this thought or am I losing my marbles.:eek::eek:


My parents noticed I was a lot calmer when I stopped the patches. I have been and still am very stressed with my quit. I have had some right tantrums but in general I am a LOT calmer, things don't seem to bug me as much as when I was smoking. Not sure with me if it's the decreased heart rate. It was very high when I smoked and that can in turn cause agitation and aggression. I also wonder if my lethargy and depression has contributed to my being calmer lol :)


I would agree with a lot of the comments on here. Even though I'm on Champix and not CT I feel calmer and am chirpier than normal, as pointed by colleagues.


Weelllll, I'm on NRT and I must admit to being tense and stressed, but I was actually that way before I started smoking.

You know those kids that seem a bit highly strung, even at primary school? I was one of those.

Don't really know what point I'm trying to make here... other than that I think I'm naturally tetchy :D


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