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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 for me

Its 5.20pm on day 3 and all good. Ive not really had any thoughts of smoking today so its been pretty easy. I think it must be because ive been here so many times before that im having such an easy time. Champix for me is just amazing and makes quitting smoking easier than anything else ive tried.

I could never go cold turkey as i have zero will power and NRT just never did it for me either.

Ive now got to go stand and do about 3 hours of ironing............. yawn;) think i will watch Its a wonderful life to take away the boredom.

:D keep smiling

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good to hear you getting through day 3 ok :D well done you dont envy you the ironing job though :eek: enjoy your film :D


Well done on your day 3. :)


ENJOY your ironing. :p


Well done Moony

Do people still iron? :confused: Is that not why M&S invented non-iron shirts? And is this not why we get things straight out of the tumble dryer while they are still hot? In my house, we have all agreed that life is too short for ironing! :D

Glad to hear that the Champix is doing it's job - it is a bit of a miracle, isn't it?

And enjoy It's a Wonderful Life - love that film!


Well done Moony getting to day 3, so well done ....keep going it will get easier.



Well done Moony... Ironing is good for the soul:)


I enjoy ironing if i have a good film to watch at the same time. Yes im weird.

Cheers all:D


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