No Smoking Day
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And im off

Day 1 and its been ok. Taken both my Champix, 1 at 9am and the other at around 3ish. I keep thinking about smoking but I know the first few days will be the hardest and i have to get over them. I talk to myself everytime i want a smoke:o I tell myself why im doing this and how much it means to me to finally be smoke free.

I fancy popping down the pub for a couple tonight when the other half gets in but thats probably not the best thing to do or is it. OK so i smoked when i drank but i smoked when i got in the car too and i have been out in the car today. I smoked when i had a coffee and im drinking a coffee right now.

Mind over matter as they say. Roll on day 2 i say;)

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Without wanting to sound high and mighty, it's probably a good idea to avoid the pub for the first few days. With a few beers in you, it will probably seem easier to "wait a few more days and then a few smokes will be ok tonight"..

Just my opinion though. I was terrified of managing a trip to the pub and only faced it after 3 weeks. It does get much easier though, but after 1 day is going to be tough


Your probably right


Well done Moony

Champix really helped me - especially with those first few weeks. I was actually surprised that it wasn't tougher.

Having said that, I didn't drink at all for weeks. I'm not a big drinker anyway, but I had also read about some people having a strange reaction mixing Champix with booze.... My advice is to get your quit a bit more established first, then try drinking moderately at first until you feel more confident.

Good luck.


i ended up going out last night and it was fine. I even sat outside with the smokers and it didnt bother me one bit.


Go for it Moony :D

You're doing great - just bear in mind that the Champix won't do the whole job for you, so don't worry if you get a craving you weren't expecting. And after between 48-72 hours the nicotine will be out of your system, and it will be a lot easier then.


Zoe xxxx


Well done Moony. The pub is easily my biggest enemy and I almost think that if I just quit drinking I could achieve this quit smoking lark no problem. I know we're all different so it's your call obviously but if it were me - which it is (currently on Day 1. Again!) - I'd definitely avoid the beers for a little while longer! Good luck.


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