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New to this - day6


Hello all, my wife stopped smoking 2 years ago and she used this site to help her through first 6 months still not smoking. I gave up on Sunday fed up with smelling and tasting like an old ashtray, using inhaler in times of great stress probably 2 or 3 times a day. Having a bad day today continual craving all day with what seems like no respite, but I am holding out !!! just. Question Does using inhalers gum etc lengthen the period of intense cravings and is cold turkey more severe but over a shorter period? thinking about going cold turkey as want these cravings to stop ASAP - hope this makes sense. Have been an avid reader since Sunday thanx everyone as you have gotten me through some hard times.

Jonny -(using wifes profile she does'nt need it anymore)

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Hi Jonny and welcome to the forum and well done on stopping smoking :)

you are going to get withdrawel symptons regardless of going cold turkey or using nrt its just the nrt helps the symptons being so strong and helps you to gradually stop as you with nrt you can get different strenghs mind you it doesnt work for everyone but remember to keep mind and hands busy when you do get a craving it will pass and and they do get weaker and come on here and read posts as that will help plus join the november quit group as they are all going through the same stages as you and with the support you get of them and of here it will help im sure your wife Nicki will tell you as we all know what your going through well done to her for staying smoke free for 2 years :)



Hey Jonny.

I think giving up fags and the experience you go through is all down to the individual. Some people swear by NRT (gum, inhalator, patches etc), champix, cold turkey etc. In my own experience I've tried to give up fags by using patches more times than I can remember. I tried it again this time shortly before this, my final quit and failed again. In the end I realised (together with someone from this forum saying "if you keep doing the same thing and failing, then why not try something different?"), the patches were just making my quit worse. They were prolonging my withdrawal and everytime I tried to drop the nicotine dosage I caved in and smoked. Well, anyway I thought "f**k this" I'm going cold turkey...get nicotine out of my system once and for all. I have felt better on this quit than I ever did trying to quit using patches. I'm not saying this is the best thing for everyone just the best thing for me. I think you just have to think what might work best for you and go for it, heart and soul. Anyway I drove my car into the back of someone today and even though I was upset, shocked and wanted a fag...I didn't have one, never even got close (i.e. going to a shop to buy a packet). I dunno this time I really want to stop....anyway hope this helps, sorry if this rambling on and on.

Lisa x

both very good replies so feel there isnt much more to say, however im female,taurean and nicotine free lol.

i found 1 week strong patches, 1 week medium patches, 1 week low patches then cold turkey worked for me, ive not found it easy and each new begining of week have had wobbles with drop in nrt doseage but managed it and feel better on day 26 and day 5 nicotine free feeling like im the one who took and is in control, i have found fishermans friends and old fashioned cough sweets a huge help as there is no way you could suck on one of those and even contemplate having a fag yuk lol.

good luck you can do it x

lisa42: wtg you see you are now super human and have super powers due to taking control :) huge achievement you best be proud and treating yourself to a glass of wine xx

keep going guys


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