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Any advice on stopping champix

Well I have been on Champix for 3 months now. I found it suited me better to only take 2 half tablets a day so I have quite a lot of surplus. I recently went down to only half a day. Today I forgot to take my morning one and feel a bit emotionally delicate as a result. However, I think I have quit long enough to be past physical withdrawal and have started to learn to deal with the psychological cravings. I am thinking now is probably time I stop taking the tablets and learn to deal with life on my own! Does anyone have any advice or experience they could share which would help me do this?

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Hi Jo

Sounds as if you are doing the right thing by cutting down slowly - that's what I did. I had got my doctor to prescribe half mg tablets and was cutting one of those in half.

In the end, I was taken into hospital about a week before I had intended to stop taking them completely. Champix was the last thing on my mind, and I didn't feel any problems without them.

I have never experienced any increase in wanting to smoke since, so although I had been worried about it, stopping the pills was a complete non-event.

The truth is, you have quit smoking now. You don't need anything but your own resolve. You'll be fine. :)


I stopped taking them a week or so ago. I was on half dose to start with, and the fact that I kept forgetting to take them just made me wonder if I really needed to take them at all any more.

The advice from the nurse was to be really vigilant for moments of weakness, as cravings might return to some extent. I have had a couple of cravings, but nothing I can't handle. The nurse was keen that I should complete the twelve weeks as that gives the best success rate, but I declined and she accepted that, so long a I kept a few tablets in the house in case I should I need to re-start them.

Good luck on going Champix-free as well as Smoke-free! :)


Thanks for your replies. I'm going to do half a tab a day for a while. Getting tired of the fuzzy feeling - its a long time since I was really effective at work and I fear its going to bite me soon :(


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