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Slowly Getting Better?

Just thought I'd post my feelings at the end of week 3. Week 4 tomorrow, woohoo. For me (probably like many others) week 3 has been a prolonged, miserable affair. Feeling sorry for myself, whinging, moaning, sitting around not knowing what to do with myself (i.e. bored out of my brains), getting angry then bursting into tears (sorry OH).

However, slowly but surely, I can feel things getting better. So OK I've put on a bit of weight, this is realistically to be expected as smoking fags surpresses your appetite (I'm eating breakfast for the first time in 17 years and not skipping dinner that much anymore). Okey dokey so that's one reason to get off my arse and not be bored (I'll talk about that later).

Anyway, like I say things are slowly getting better. The craves are now becoming mild wants that don't last too long...and getting past those "mild wants" is a bit like animals in Africa swatting away those bothersome flies. It's getting easier and easier, and because of the ole Alan Carr I don't think in the mindset of "I can't smoke anymore" it's more like "Why am I even thinking of having a cigarette?, I'm a non-smoker" (very weird but like swatting away those pesky flies).

Now my chest infection has completely gone and my lungs are cleaning away the gunk of 17 years of fag smoking my breathing is so much easier. I mean very noticably easier. I have more energy, I do more things now. Where I'd feel tired and just sit on the sofa, I'll iron that extra basket of clothes or clean the bathroom. All in all I'm starting to feel great and so back to the putting on weight thing. Now that I'm fighting fit again, I'm going to exercise. Now all of my friends will be floored by this when I tell them as this was never a Lisa thang. But tomorrow I'm getting the exercise bike out (only used once to get rid of pre-wedding excess weight, 6 years ago) and also I'm going to jog and go to body combat.

Sorry for the mega long post - but I'm in a cheery positive attitude for once and long may it last. Just wanted to say to other quitters, I personally found week 3 very hard. If you're like me you basically have to batten down the hatches, survive it and don't give in to those craves. And it DOES get better!!!

P.S. If anyone that hasn't seen my earlier posts, I stopped smoking as I had such a bad chest infection/bronchitis that went on for a long time (5 weeks) that I scared myself pooless it was lung cancer. It really made me think why on earth am I paying for the privalege of shortening my life? - crazy! That chest infection gave me a little taster of what was going to happen in my future as a smoker and although horrible to go through at the time I am so grateful it happened. I'm now a non-smoker and free at last. If you're worried about your health, just quit, it's not as scary to go through as you think it is.

Lisa X

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Well said, I am about 4 days behind you (1 Nov) and am going through the moaning, anxiety stage right now. Indeed, i thought I had awful awful depression earlier this week, pretty scary but it passess.

Had the worst crave so far today but resisted, thats why i came on here to post!. Amazing how just getting on the board and looking at the posts out the idea out of my mind totally.


This is a lovely positive post to read!!!

Well done Lisa!!! :D


Absolutely fabulous, Lisa! It's great to hear you sound so positive. :D I drove past Brum on the M6 today, and I thought it was looking sunny!

And you are right, it's really not as scary as we all thought.


Thanks guys...dagget we can do this together!

Mrs T... you should have said you were coming I'd have got the kettle on :)

Thanks for being supportive you kids X


Great post Lisa, your doing so well x:D


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