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Champix side effect?

Having very bad day today and wanted to smoke. Just a response to stress... but I haven't.

Anyway I seem to losing my patience and tolerance. I have fallen out with my nephew today. He can be difficult at the best of times, but today, well I just had enough of his careless attitude (he's 27)

Normally I would be p***ed off with him and not really show it, but today I have sent him quite strong, almost agressive emails (we work at the same place).

Looking at them now I think I probably over-reacted, but somehow I don't care! I don't know if this is justified, a reaction to not smoking or a champix side effect? Has anyone else felt like this? (not about my nephew!!!)

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I think it's just giving up Elizabeth....I'm going cold turkey and I just snap like a devil woman at my OH...then sometimes I cry and say sorry or times I just seethe and have to slowly come out of it LOL!. It's OK apologising to your OH all the time (when I think I've over reacted) but if it was my nephew or sister etc I'd probably have too much pride to say sorry LOL!

If you've sucked all your pissed offness inside all these years he could maybe do with an ear bashing or you could apologise for over reacting. Hope that helps...but I think giving up in general makes your temper short at times.



It's funny, I've changed since giving up. I'm much more "no-nonsense" at the moment. Colleagues annoying me are getting told so, and why. I would normally let it go. I think the only people avoiding the new me are my family, I'm ok at home so far!


Hi Lizzie - I think being short tempered, grumpy, irritable, tetchy, unreasonable and snappy are perfectly normal side effects of quitting (or maybe it's just me and you!!). If your nephew knows you are giving up, then I would guess he'll probably put any 'over reaction' down to exactly that.

I warned people that for a while I'd have a sort of split personality - part me, part nicodemon ... and I wasn't responsible for what my demon did or said!

As you said, it's been a bad day. We all have them. Don't fret - or be too hard on yourself. You're doing SO well - and it's important to keep focussed on that, rather than on the reaction of others.



Thank you Lisa, Marie and Sue.

My nephew kind of deserved it, but I don't want to start some family rift.

He's young and selfish and he gets away with a lot!! I'm doing him a big favour and maybe I resent doing it...

Its pointless to be give something to someone resentfully...I've only got myself to blame.

I haven't taken my evening Champix tonight...maybe that will help my mood tomorrow



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