No Smoking Day
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Nice try!

Have had 3 "events" today, all of which have tried to lure me back...

1. Speaking to my mother on the phone today, she says to me "I hope you're not going to turn into one of those holier than thou types now you've given up" - yep she smokes. How's about a little bit of support - maybe you could even be proud of me for once? No? Ok then

2. Eldest daughter (lots of previous stress history there) drops another belter of a lie in my lap - so seethrough it's untrue but she believes her own bull...., cue major tantrums from her, and quite a bit of shouting from me.

3. A so called mate is being very unsupportive, and is just really annoying the hell out of me during a conversation on Facebook, so just shut Facebook down and came here instead!

So..... in your face Nicodemon - you don't get me back that easily!

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PS, Nothing is going to stop me from leaping and bouncing into week 3 tomorrow! :p


Great stuff Marie - well done you! I've had my share of elder daughter stress this week too - but just keep repeating my mantra that NO situation is EVER going to be improved by sticking a cigarette in my mouth ...

But shouting - that DOES improve things sometimes!




you go :D . I try not letting get things to me ( easier said then done ) . Your doing the right thing well done for making it to week 3 yayyyyyyyyyyy


Good for you Marie...quite a few stressors and you haven't given in. Well done and no small feat, feel good about yourself for staying strong. XXXXX


PS, Nothing is going to stop me from leaping and bouncing into week 3 tomorrow! :p

You leap and bounce away Marie! If that lot don't get you, nothing will! Well done.


Woohoo well done Marie, If that little lot didnt force you into a cig then nothing will.

Well done you!

Lillie xx


Hi Marie,

... i like your attitude :)

Re your mother; I think that's her addiction talking, not her. I know that when my friends and boyfriend have told me they're going to quit in the past (unsuccessfully), i experienced a sinking feeling on each occassion. How awful is that?! But addicts like company..... because we know what we're doing to ourselves is stupid.




you had 3 major stresses and made it through just keep that in mind your doing so well :)

regards Carol


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