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Funny old day

Well yesterday was my birthday (smoke free!) way hay!!! I've got a sinus infection at the moment so didn't really plan much for the evening ( I know a bit of a waste of a Saturday birthday :() I decided to go for a walk followed by lunch in a country pub with my daughter before heading to see my mum. As we do quite a lot of walking decided to go somewhere different. I found a nice short walk starting and finishing near a country inn and only 40 minute drive. It turned out to be a lovely sunny day so I wrote down the instructions for the walk and drive (no ink in printer), popped some painkillers for sinus pain and off we went.

Well the driving directions were absolutely hopeless. Got very lost and completely gave up on the directions. At one point we were instructed to turn down a lane which turned out to be a Ford unsuitable for motors!!! After driving round what seemed most of west yorkshire in some pretty horrible traffic we arrived somewhat frazzled 3 HOURS LATER!!! We got out of the car and realised we had left behind the THE DIRECTIONS FOR THE WALK!!!! We were too late for lunch at the Inn so decided to go to the garden centre down the road for something to eat. Although they purported to do food all day and it was only 2:30 they had no food left :rolleyes: There was nothing for it to head back as by this time by sinus pain had increased from dull ache to screaming pain and unfortunately the local chemist was also shut:rolleyes:

We stopped at a Macdonalds on the way back (which actually only took 35 minutes)as my daughter was hungry by this time and I celebrated with a cheese burger overlooking a carpark :rolleyes:. Well I did laugh about it on the way back and have done since but the strangest thing was - I NEVER WANTED A CIGARETTE!!!!

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Hi Jo,

That does indeed sound like a funny old day lol but so glad you didn't feel like a cigarette:cool:

Happy Birthday for yesterday, and many congrats for moving into Month 3:D When you look at it that way, it was a very successful day indeed.

Hope the sinus infection clears up soon, I know how painful those are:(

Zoe xx


Well it did look like a nice place and I certainly know the way now lol but I'm not sure if I'll want to go back :D

Funny about the smoking as this is the sort of thing that usually winds me up and it DID wind me up at the time but only a very fleeting cigarette thought when I got out of the car.

Glad to see you on track too. Sure there are a few drinks waiting for you here in month 3:)



CONGRATULATIONS:D:D on reaching the month3 room. We all missed that landmark and you haven't being shouting it from the tree tops like you should have done. :)

Well done.:)


Well done JoC on reaching the month 3 room! :)

Sounds like you've kicked the habit for sure :cool:


Really well done Jo! And, um, Happy Birthday?!


Its thanks in no small part to this forum I've been able to get this far :) I haven't found it so easy but well, here I am - my quit date was 12 sept and birthday 12 nov so not only an age milestone :eek: but a smoking one too ;)


Well done JoC...encouraging for the rest of us. Hope you've treated yourself. X


Happy Birthday and Happy Reaching Month 3! :D

A cheeseburger may not have been what you were expecting, but it sounds pretty good to me!


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