Hi All - quick update

Well I sneakily passed through in to month 4 on the 6th November so am still growing strong.

The smoking thing still is (as has been) a thing of the past. I've no desire to try again and haven't had any cravings to tempt me. All in all I'm very happy.

Generally I've never felt so healthy. I put on a lot of weight during my quit (due to drinking too much alcohol) even though I've been swimming as much as possible. I've pretty much stopped drinking now so hopefully the weight will start to drop off.

So why the drinking? Well as some of you know I've had an ongoing throat, gland, sinus (I mention all 3 as my GP doesn't now which) problem which means 98% of the time it feels like I've a cherry pip stuck in my throat. A beer or a glass of wine has been the only thing I've found which seems to make that feeling go away. Not a good medicine though so time to knock that on the head also.

I've found it interesting that in cleaning myself up on the smoking front I've also started to do the same in other areas of my life. The house has never been so clean and tidy, I've a new drive and passion for work to push and truly become and expert in my field (I was pretty much just trundling along). I think this bundled together may add up to why I generally feel so much better. I've got more drive, more passion as well as more energy.

The financial side has also become a huge surprise! I can't believe I've been spending circa £2100 - £2600 on cigarettes on an annual basis! I've put this money to leasing a new eco friendly car (I travel £80 miles a day for work). Although this costs for the lease, my fuel bills have now dropped from £90 per week to around £25....AND I'm not poisoning as many bunnies :)

So all in all so far so good.

To all of you out there who are struggling, do NOT lose faith in what you're trying to achieve. I'm not suggesting I'm an expert at quitting from smoking, but I'm becoming more and more experienced at it every day. It's easier said than done but I feel the true key is finding something else to focus your energy, passion, boredom and general well being on.

I truly feel the success of this quit for me is the point that I've not celebrated it, discussed it too often or....well taken much notice of it where possible. Doing so would have meant I would be bringing it to the forefront of my mind and therefore it could possibly trigger desires or cravings.

Well I think I've waffled more than enough for this time on a Saturday morning!

(OK false advertising on the "quick update" front)


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  • Really well done Stav! So pleased to hear that it has gone so well for you! And nice to hear about all the other improvements that have followed on from your quit.

  • Well done Stav :D I am so happy for you :D

  • Massive congratulations to you, Stav! :)

  • Good to hear from you Mart. Finest waffle I've read in a while ;)

    How's plans for a second guitar coming along?

    All the best to you and yours,

    Pol x

  • That's a really good post Stav. Thank you.

    I think you're right about focusing on something else...mine is to get fit.

    Trying...very slowly!

    Enjoy your new car


  • Good to hear from you Mart. Finest waffle I've read in a while ;)

    How's plans for a second guitar coming along?

    All the best to you and yours,

    Pol x

    Hi Pol

    Funny you should mention a second guitar! I do have a concept in progress with the great Steve Benford who build the last one. This time going for an acoustic with a twist :)

    Hope you're well


  • Thanks for the reply's

    It really has been quite a pleasant journey for me and I'm hoping it continues to do so. Just got to sort them damn medical unknowns out!

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