No Smoking Day
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So far so good

44 days smoke free and feeling really good! I am still using the Champix and luckily I have been side effect free its been really affective I cant say I have had any cravings.

One of the things I have done is take a photo of my leg and used it as a screensaver on my iPhone, so every time I use the phone I see my leg, which reminds me of why I stopped smoking in the first place! I was in pain walking because of a circulation problem and my Doctor warned me if I continued to smoke I was risking losing a few toes or a foot or maybe my leg well that has provided the motivation I needed.

The wonderful thing is I can now walk pain free, and I am much healthier all round, and if that wasn’t enough I also have a lot more money to spoil myself so all in all it’s the best thing I could have done! Stopping smoking has made me feel really good about myself, and the freedom it has given me is absolutely fantastic.

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Hi Viv,

I'm so glad your circulation is improving and you can now walk pain free, that is great news:D I am also noticing improvements in my circulation and can now walk further and faster, and carry my shopping home from Tesco's:p I thought the shopping thing was down to premature ageing, but nope, it was the cigarettes. It's amazing how quickly we start to recover once we stop smoking.

You have done so brilliantly well and I hope you feel very proud of yourself, and reward yourself with something really nice, cos you deserve it:cool:

Big congrats,



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