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Introducing myself

Hi there,

As my user name suggests, I'm Marie from Wiltshire, 37 years old and a smoker for 23 years.

I had a couple of nasty chest infections within 3 months of each other earlier this year and decided that enough was enough and stopped smoking at 10pm on 30th October 2011.

I've been on 21mg NiQuitin patches, and had a Nicorette Quickmist spray, however the patches are really not great at sticking, and I have been through a pack of 7 in 3 days this week. The spray was more of a squirt, so have given that to a colleague!

I'm now going to try the Nicorette 15mg Invisipatch, which I will be collecting on Thursday, luckily I have 7 of the old patches left, which may just see me through to collecting them!:p

I have had a few failed attempts in the past but somehow this time seems a bit easier - I like to think that this is the right time.

Looking forward to getting to know you all, and hope everyone is feeling good.



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Hi Marie and welcome to the forum.

Well done on your quit so far! :)

I found there was a bit of a knack to the mouthspray, I have to use both hands to get the spray rather than a squirt.

Had the opposite problem with the patches - can't get the sticky marks off! Hopefully you'll find the other ones better for you.

Jen x


Hiya Marie, well done on stopping smoking. I'm also 37, smoked for 17 years and over the last three years have had bad chest infections in the winter. I'm just recovering from one (it's taken over a month to get over it) and like you thought well, enoughs enough. My body's obviously telling me to stop, to be honest smoking whilst having a chest infection was impossible anyway as you'd know. I'm on Day not too long having quit. Emotionally I've had a few ups and downs (ok maybe more than a few) but to be honest you can deal with them. Again congrats on quitting and this forum is ace.

Lisa x


Hiya Marie well done on your quit so far.

When I started my quit I was prescribed niquitin 21 mg patches and 1.5mg mini lozenges. I took the patches off after 2 weeks and continued with the lozenges, I have found them really, really helpful.

I had been smoking since I was 13, gradually increasing the amount until I was on 30 a day and sometimes even reaching 40. I am so impressed with the mini lozenges I would recommend them to everyone.

But keep in mind the NRT will only do so much, so ake each day at a time and keep telling yourself you will not smoke today.

Good Luck

Lillie xx


Thanks for the responses.

Day 10 today - can't believe I have made it to double figures!!

Been feeling a bit ropey this morning at work. Dizzy and just feeling a bit rough. I think the demon is trying to make me think that it'll all be better if I have a smoke, but he isn't going to win this battle - I am.

I do get some pretty major cravings, but 10 minutes later and they are forgotten already.

It's definitely the habit that is hard to crack. I'll be in the middle of something and think "I'll have a ciggie in a minute" and then smack myself in the head and remind myself I don't smoke! :rolleyes:

Had the first week of quitting off work so Monday was a challenge. 11am - smoke break, 4pm - smoke break. Plus 2 colleagues smoke, and boy did they smell! :eek:


hi marie

my fellow wiltshire quitter

well done on your decision you wont regret it and it gets easier as time goes by


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