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Back again


Haven't been on here for ages.......ashamed to say I've still not quit the dreaded weed but am now waiting for referral to smoking clinic to look at trying Champix.

Am a little nervous of taking this tablet but hoping it might help be the answer to my prayers and help me give up this awful addiction.

Will be back when I know I'm seeing the clinic and update you all then.

Wish me luck!

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Good luck Toni. You havent given up giving up and thats important. If you have the time have a look on the groups board there is a group there for champix users and Im sure you will find some pointers in there.

Lillie xx


Hey Toni,

Champix is good and will work for you as long as you got the motivation. Keep posting on here as there is always someone here to help. I haven't smoked for nearly 7 weeks with Champix so it can be done.

You can do this, trust me, if I can, anybody can:D

Stay with us and you will get the help you need.


Zoe xx


Thanks everyone, still waiting for referral to come through, had it hoped it would have happened by now but hey....

Have been reading through some of the champix threads, some lovely stories as well as some worrying side effects, but that's to be expected I suppose.

I just want to get on with it if I'm honest, hate this waiting around.


I just want to get on with it if I'm honest, hate this waiting around.

Good luck with this Toni. When you get your Champix, you will still have another week or so before you finally quit, so be patient! I used it to stop, and it was great for me. Everyone gets different levels of side effects. I think that you have to decide for yourself what you are willing to tolerate in order to kick this habit once and for all.


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