No Smoking Day
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day 14 and still standing strong

Hi all

here is my checklist: lol

Ciggies: 0

All the food and sweets i can see: 2 tons

Ciggies: 0

Weight: almost dubble in size

Ciggies: 0

Health: Very good energy level up skin looking good

Ciggies: 0

Smell: I can go work for police dog unit sniffing out drugs. LOL

I am sleeping much better at night and my senses are back I feel like I am on top of the world. The nicotine monster does try its best but i keep telling myself that i have come this far just eat something and drink water and youu will feel better. I also try not to think about it to much. Guess that's the reason for the sudden weight gain Ha ha. In the end it is all worth it cause i am feeling like a million $ and no ciggie will get me to go down this stinking path again.

The wieght we will sort out. I promised myself a day at the spa when i get to 1 month of no smoking and this is what keeps me going. I am also planning a day at the dentist to clean my teeth and all this because i am taking back my life as a non smoker. Ha ha (my little gift to myself for not smoking)

I will be taking all 4 my dogs for a walk this afternoon and this will be the start of my fitness regime and weight issue. See in the end there is a way with dealing with everything lets just hope i can deal with everything and keep it up. realised yesterday how unfit i am so maybe there is a way i can reward myself.

Keeping + happy and healthy


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Well done Done.

We're getting there...ha ha ha. Your post shames me LOL. All I did yesterday was whinge, whinge, whinge. Thanks for pointing out the positive sides to our quit and whilst we're putting on weight we're gaining so much instead. Like you say the weight issue can be sorted out anytime. To be honest if we crack the nicotine we have the strength to do anything we want, seeing as it's the most addictive substance on the planet. I can't wait to have my teeth whitened either (my little treat to myself). For years I hated smiling due ot the yellow tinge to my I'm not going to be able to stop beaming.

Congrats Done

Lisa x


Yay, well done! Id also like to agree with you there and say that my skin is also looking much better:) and my teeth are getting a bit whiter too, trip to dentist within next month or so then get the teeth whitened after xmas and ill be gorg for the new year lol :D THIS WILL BE ME :D lol xx


wow what a positive message Done :D:D

oh having your teeth whitened is awesome when i had mine done i couldnt stop smilling hehe just to show how clean and sparkly they were :D:D


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