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No Smoking Day
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Biggest test

Into week two and going strong at the moment.

Champix seems to be doing its job but I'm still thinking about smoking i.e. when at the pub yesterday and first thing in the morning.

A big test in two weeks time when i go away for the weekend with a group of friends for a 30th Birthday. anybody got any tips for when i'm likely to be inebriated and less under control?

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well done on getting into week 2 :D

do all the friends you are going away with know you have stopped smoking as if they do then they can be your biggest help as they will know the signals coming from you and help you to remember why you are stopping and if you do give into the nicorette demon dont and i mean it PLEASE DONT BEAT YOURSELF UP about it and think you have failed and have to start smoking again just shrug it of as a blip and carry on as before

hope you have a great time and a smoke free time too :D

regards Carol


I feel strong-ish that i'll be able to do it. Off to the Docs today to get another Champix pack. Not really getting any of the side effects as yet



I havent tried drinking yet, im on day 9 cold turkey. Im thinking of having a few beers in the house at the wknd, maybe 2 or 3 to see how i get on with that. Maybe you could do a mini test for yourself at home so that you dont have any cigarettes available? Then try going to the pub another time. Id love to have a night out without smoking to see if my hangover is so bad due to drink or smoking lol

Good luck, let us know how you get on x


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