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Last presciption for Champix !!!

Well its official I've come to the end of my "treatment"!!! :D I have received a certificate which my daughter has proudly displayed And I picked my last prescription for Champix on Friday morning. I seem to have accrued rather a large amount of Champix though, as I could never tolerate the full dose so dropped to half a tab in the morning (in the interests of keeping my job :eek:) and either a full tab or half in the evening. I've now dropped to half a tab day and night. Half of me can't wait to get back to "normal" and stop them all together - I remember how much I hated them when I first started taking them as I just couldn't do anything, and surely its time to come out of this fuzzy bubble I've been living in and meet the real world!! But the half of me is afraid. I haven't had as many smoking thoughts as I once did, I may go up to an hour without thinking about cigs (a big improvement on every minute but good enough to go it alone?):confused: Only last week when I felt a bit low I bought some cigs fully intending to smoke them. I didn't cos my daughter snatched them away. I did have the opportunity to go to the shop to get some more no more than 5 mins after that and sat with one shoe on one shoe off for a while. In the end I didn't.:p

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well done coming that far :D

Your doing brilliant and I am proud of you :p


Hi JoC and well done on coming this far into the quit. I know what you mean about the Champix, much as I hate the side effects I dread coming off them as this is my first proper quit and I am worried about trying to fly solo:confused: I am only six weeks quit though, and I am hoping my doctor will let me stay on them over the Christmas period - too many triggers there lol! And then I think it will be best to taper them off instead of doing it all in one go.

Keep us posted on how you are getting on.

All the best:)



Thanks. I started champix on 31st August although it seems like I've been on it forever. Treatment seems to vary depending on where you go. I've a friend who took full dose of champix for 3 months then stopped it with no problems whatsoever and still not smoking (its been 2 years now). He thought there was an option to go to the low dose pills for another 3 months but I wasn't offered this. I think I would have taken that option though. I had a blip only 3 weeks ago and some days are better than others. The full force of the initial motivation is wearing thin and I just feel like I want to get back to "normal" now where smoking or not smoking doesn't figure. I guess I need to keep going over why I stopped in the first place and stay strong :)

I will keep posting - I want to join all the September group in the 1year + room :D


Hi JoC

It sounds like you are struggling a bit despite the Champix. Its a good idea to revisit why you wanted to do this. Remember its always your choice (with or without Champix)

Would your life be better if you were smoking? I can totally understand that feeling, but I think it probably wouldn't. You'd be back on that treadmill and want to stop smoking..again!

I hope you can re-find your motivation. Stop taking the drug if it doesn't suit've got this far...Champix has done its bit, but the rest was up to you.

Imagine having a fag in your your do you feel??

Possibly great for 5 (or less?) minutes..then it starts again..another and another and another.

Believe in yourself, you can do it. You don't need champix or anything else.

And if you feel like you still need it, ask you doctor, don't wait to be offered. Be demanding!

Good luck



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