Woo hooo, make way for me!!!

I have made it :D

Didnt think I could ever get this far, but I HAVE woooo hoooo!!

And suprisingly enough (so far) hasnt been as hard as I thought ;)

Really didnt believe you all when you said the cravings wouldnt seem so bad, after a while and guess what, I'm not thinking about them 24/7 now.

Was a bit worried once I came off the Champix, but I was suffering too many side effects, so thought "sod it, just go CT" and be done with it :eek:

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  • Well done matey, keep it up.

  • The Oct 21st Club

    Congrats Chickendoodle, we stopped on the same day. We should pat ourselves on the back.

    My big test is tonight, out to play poker at a mate's house. There will be 8 of us and 5 of the others smoke!! Last Friday I went to the pub and was OK, even went and sat outside with a couple of pals while they had a smoke. Got to face those demons.


  • Excellent!

    Glad to see after 2 weeks your cravings are getting easier. Good to know it does start to get a bit easier, cant wait until i hardly think about them at all!!!

    Day 5 for me and its getting easier on and off, still quite hard though:D

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