No Smoking Day
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Woo hooo, make way for me!!!

I have made it :D

Didnt think I could ever get this far, but I HAVE woooo hoooo!!

And suprisingly enough (so far) hasnt been as hard as I thought ;)

Really didnt believe you all when you said the cravings wouldnt seem so bad, after a while and guess what, I'm not thinking about them 24/7 now.

Was a bit worried once I came off the Champix, but I was suffering too many side effects, so thought "sod it, just go CT" and be done with it :eek:

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Well done matey, keep it up.


The Oct 21st Club

Congrats Chickendoodle, we stopped on the same day. We should pat ourselves on the back.

My big test is tonight, out to play poker at a mate's house. There will be 8 of us and 5 of the others smoke!! Last Friday I went to the pub and was OK, even went and sat outside with a couple of pals while they had a smoke. Got to face those demons.




Glad to see after 2 weeks your cravings are getting easier. Good to know it does start to get a bit easier, cant wait until i hardly think about them at all!!!

Day 5 for me and its getting easier on and off, still quite hard though:D


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