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6 weeks and feeling stronger??

Dare I say that?? After all the craves, rants, rages, hissy fits, tantrums, tears, euphoria, grief, sadness, singing, ups, downs, and all the rest of the things in this Pandora's box called 'the quit', dare I? After all, I would hate to jinx myself at this point and find myself flat on my face with a cigarette in each hand....

But yes, here I am, 6 weeks done today:D and I do feel stronger, something I never thought would be possible for me as I am not a strong person and notoriously bad at giving things up. Maybe we recover in spite of ourselves? Or is it just the Champix with me? I don't really know. I am the sort of person that does her best to hide from problems, whether it is by smoking, or any other possible means - anything to avoid dealing with things really. But avoiding problems is avoiding LIFE, and who wants to do that? Life is great, warts and all:D I know that 6 weeks of not smoking is not a long time into a quit, but it does kind of change things. The cravings get easier to deal with, in fact most of the time they are not even there. I don't need to smoke because it's raining, or because a light bulb popped, or because someone looked at me the wrong way, or because I stubbed my toe.... I don't need to smoke AT ALL!! And, in spite of all the difficulties I have in my life at the moment, I feel like tackling them head on instead of running away all the time. Not all at once of course, but bit by bit.

I am the sort of person who never grew up, and at this stage of the game I have absolutely no intention of growing up, as it is so much more fun being an ageing kid;) But what I DO intend to do is to enjoy life, grow very, very old very, very disgracefully:cool: WITHOUT SMOKING.

And yes, I do dare to say 6 weeks and feeling stronger, because I do feel stronger and I am stronger. So for all those out there just starting their quit, please stay with it, because it really does get better and it is so worth it.

Take care,

Zoe xx

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Well done Zoe, you are doing a great job and your post hits a nerve with me on many levels and I expect many other quitters too.

I'm now at 56 days and for me it is all about mind-set and changing your thought process each and every day. Each time I face a difficult time head on WITHOUT cigarettes I feel stronger for it and I know that the next time I face that same challenge I will be fine.

Keep going, there will be tough days ahead for all of us but as long as we are prepared all will be good.



Aww, well done Zoe, I'm glad you've hit your 6 weeks mark and feeling strong with it too. :D

Here's to tackling things head on, and having more years to raise hell in ;)

*raises glass*


Zoe - I'm so proud of you I could cry!

Just revisit some of your early posts, and now look at how you are supporting the newbies and just generally going round being strong.... :cool:

You have done this despite dealing with some really challenging situations, and still you keep smiling and entertaining us all along the way.

I think you are amazing, and if there is any justice in the world, good things will come to you very soon. In the meantime, though, conquering this stupid smoking habit has been a very good thing indeed. :)


Thanks francob, Jen and Mrs T:)

Aww Mrs T you've made me cry now!! Off to raise hell, erm, get my tea, erm preferably both;)

Zoe xx



hey zoe glad you're doing well and feeling strong. keep going


Lovely post Zoe and a huge hug from me for doing so well :D

Gaynor x


Well done, Zoe! I hope that you can find a way to reward your achievement with a little treat! :D


Dear Zoe,

I love to read your posts...they are honest and real.

You haven't given anything up by not smoking, it seems like you're blossoming (if that's the right word).

I would hate to jinx myself at this point and find myself flat on my face with a cigarette in each hand....

I know what you mean. If anyone asks me how things are going I will say.."ohh day by day" ...etc

BUt quietly on my own I dare myself, I have actually thought .."this is it...I will NEVER smoke again".

Actually feel a bit uncomfortable saying it here!!'re doing great Zoe.

And I hope all your other difficulties will soon be over.



I always had faith in you lady :D:D:D

Big hugs ((( )))



Thanks everyone:D

As it is bonfire night tomorrow, I will do my celebrating then with lots and lots of sausages as I have it on the best authority that this week is national sausage week. At first I thought this meant that I had to join a stop sausage forum, but Jen told me it means I have to eat more of them, and she knows about these things. So sausages it will be.:p:cool: And maybe, just maybe a little drinky too;)

Have a great weekend everyone,

Zoe xx


Keep it up Zoe! Going great!



Zoe, my friend

Your posts are always so full of fun whether you are struggling or doing well. You have encouraged me since the first day I joined this forum and to see you celebrating how strong you are feeling makes me feel very good indeed.

You are a lovely person and as MrsT says good things will come your way.

Congratulations on your 6 weeks, and there will be many more celebrations over the next few months of that Im sure.

Love Lillie xx


Thanks Nige, Lillie and Una,

The replies I have had mean so much to me:) There was a time when I couldn't even go six hours without a cigarette, let alone six weeks. I still don't know how I got here, but one thing I do know is without this forum it is unlikely that I would ever have started a serious quit. So thanks everyone for being there, you really, really rock:cool:

Love to all,

Zany erm Zoe xx LOL there's TWO of me now:eek: Hold on to your hats guys;)


Dont give her to much praise!

It's ALL my doing "she is to scared to smoke" I told her, if she touch's a FAG I will fly over there and kick her umm errr *****CENSORED*****

Joke's aside ZOE I am so very very proud of you! and like MrsT says go read some of your earlier posts.

You have truly been an inspirtaion!

Stay Strong :)

umm err knitted any cats lately?


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