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No Smoking Day
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Day 9 OK but help with post nasal drip ne1?

Hiya, going well today, but I was just wondering whether you guys could help with post nasal drip? I won't go into the details as they're gross. Has anyone else had it and when they've given up how long does it last??? It's driving me crazy. I've got bronchitis but I think it's being aggravated by a runny nose constantly going down the back of my throat. Sorry to be a bit grim...any advice would be great. X

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I'm fine during the day, but every night I have a 'ruddy dose' - on my 34th day now!!! Probably due to the sinuses clearing


Hey Lisa....have a look at this - Post Nasal Drip

There are numerous mentions on the Forum...but buried in huge snow drifts of further posts. If the link doesn't cover all you require then possibly you could use the search facility in the ruler above.



Hi Lisa

it will pass in time

sadly the fact you have an infection isnt helping

plus your body is still adjusting to getting rid of all the crap in your system i know when i first gave up i had a very annoying cough that only seemed to start up whenever i lay down to go to sleep :mad: but i followed good advise about drinking loads of water and sucked on those throat tablets that freeze your throat which helped

btw your doing so well and seem so positive in your posts :)

regards Carol


Try a decongestant, but don't use it for more than 5 days in a row, or you may get a 'rebound' effect. I tend to use mine on working days (if I need it) only, and have weekends off.

Jen x

ps I think mine is part allergy, which is why it hasn't gone yet. It has much improved since quitting though.


Has anyone beaten this post nasal drip? It's driving me mad at the moment!


Hiya Glemm, it drove me mad too but eventually went away by the end of the first month. I just had to cough all the crap up and clear my nose a lot...it eventually, slowly cleared up on it's own. The decongestants gave me some relief for a while but like one poster says you have to be careful that the decongestant itself doesn't end up causing the postnasal drip.

Lisa X


What about reinventing a new use for cigs. For those who are ex-smokers and suffereing from nasal drip, stick the cigs up ya nose. :eek: They are quite absorbant and you wouldn't be able to smell them because they block the nose. You can dry them out over a radiator ready for the next time. WOW I have just made a fortune, get it on the market - but? what do I advertise it as?

Open to suggenstions :p


Thanks lisa42 ur words r encouraging to me. I'm on day 20 today so hopefully the bugger will be gone soon. Thanks again xx


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