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Missing digit....nearly!

Have been meaning to post about this for a few days now. Now I have binned the patches, I seem to be having what I can only describe as hypoglyceamic episodes.......kind of low blood sugar where I go all hot and shaky and really badly need to eat sugary things. I have kept a supply of licorice wheels in for just such episodes. Well tonite it has turned serious guys, I was so bloody desperate for a sugar boost I grabbed a licorice wheel, and in my desperation I was trying to unravel it and ram it down my throat whilst stirring the tea on the stove. At some point I realised I was chewing the end of my own finger :eek:

What really concerns me is....would I have eaten the finger if neccessary???

No one mentioned cannibalism was a side effect of quitting!

Is anyone else having this problem? ( Not so much cannibalism as low blood sugar) :D


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ha ha ha....yeah I was, but I didn't think it was low blood sugar at the time. Apparently fruit juices help (not low sugar ones obviously LOL!)! That story's just made me laugh! X


Ahh good idea Lisa - will keep some fruit juice handy.

Think I am a little out of place as although I'm in Week 7 of my quit, I am only just starting to deal with the nicotine withdrawal, because I've been using patches. Perhaps I should look back to the Week 1 boards for withdrawal symptoms!!



OMG I nearly spat my tea out over my laptop. I know this is serious but I cant stop laughing.

Lillie xxx


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