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Feeling so sick

I'm on my third week of the Champix and even though I'm so pleased about not smoking I'm fed up feeling so rough.

I was fine at first but then started to feel a bit "drugged up" and out of it, so I thouhgt I would just cut it down to one pill a day. Well now all I feel is sick all the time. We went out with friends last evening and whilst it was nice that I didnt have to keep nipping out for a fag, I was worried that I would have to nip out to throw up!!!

Anyway, have decided to try and be brave and NOT take a pill at all today and just go CT :eek:

As I have gone 12 days now without a single puff (a record for me) I would have to be a complete moron to give up the quit now! (I have to keep telling myself this ;))

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Hiya chicken doodle...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling very well on the Champix tablets. I've never taken them but I think chrissyP is having the same problem on her thread "champix"....I think quite a few people have stopped because of the side effects to champix and continued to have a successful quit. But you could ask them yourself from chrissy's thread.

You're right you've done so well to start smoking again now...bloody brilliant in fact. So don't let us down and keep with the quit...keep posting....a lot of people will have gone/ will be going through the same thing and will help. I'm proud of you....stay strong fellow October 2011 member!

Lisa X


Hey Chickendoodle,

Congrats on going 12 days :) keep up the great work.

Just thought i'd pop on and share my Champix experiences with you. I also felt very sick taking them especially the morning tablet, I tried eating yoghurt, snacks of different types however I was still sitting next to my bin at work thinking I was going to be sick.

I know a lot of peopel have also suffered this as a side effect of Champix so you are not alone. I tried to go cold turkey however sadly it didn't work out for me and once the Champix were out of my system the cravings were too much and I caved.

This time I am on Tabex, you can Google it if you wish, you cannot buy them from the UK as they are not approved yet but have been used in Europe for over 40 years. I find them to be as good as Champix without the side effects.

Keep strong!!!!

Woo x


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