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No Smoking Day
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day 1 deja vu

Hi All,

I've been down this road a few times. Once I quit for six months, the next time for a year and a half. Both times I used a stressful situation to say "ahhhh 1 cigarette won't hurt". Needless to say, it does.

Anyhow... Don't know quite why I decided to do this. I've been smoking for about 8 years since my last non-smoking bout. I'm 47, have smoked since 15 and taking the 2 years off for my non-smoking time, that means I've smoked for 30 years. Enough is enough.

I'm all of 8 hours into this - don't really count the previous night's sleep.

Last time I quit I did it with a combination of willpower, some nicotine gum and help from folks in a great forum like this (maybe it was this very one?). So that's what I'm doing again. I tried the patch but it didn't work for me. Tried Zyban but it just gave me terrible nightmares. Gum gives me the control I want I guess. And it doesn't taste as disgusting as it used to.

Oddly what I miss most about smoking is not being able to have a few beers with my buds on Friday night. I know I can't drink alcohol and not smoke. I can barely have coffee in the morning, that is a tough one.

So this is my 3rd serious attempt at quitting. And this time I am determined to make it stick. I know there's a bumpy road ahead of me but the rewards of freedom from this awful addiction are too good to pass up.

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Well done Darren you are a member of the 11/11 Quit group know your situation well. It was the 'missing' a smoke that was my undoing, now I found I was resenting the need to have to smoke at those times and was missing being a non-smoker and desperatley wanted it back.


Well done!!! you have me & Dagget to help you through as we are also November quitters :)

Feel free to join the group November N.O.P.E (not one puff ever) and we can all support each other :)

I'm sure this time you will succeed and quit the nasty weed for good!!!

Woo x


Catchy group name shashwoo lol. Good luck and much determination to all november quitters. X


19 Hours down - tick tock!

Hi Shashwoo!

Can I join the NOV NOPE too! I quit @ 2pm yesterday and feeling good to wake up this morning a non-smoker (if a little hazy! :-)).

This is my 3rd serious quit - the first lasted 1.5 years, the 2nd - 11 days! This one will be forever.

Good luck everyone!



hi Chris,

Well done for quitting!!! and of course you can join, we would be proud to have you aboard!!! :)

Just remember N.O.P.E :D


if you take one craving at a time and come on here when you feel the urge it will def help oh and keep your hands busy i got one of those nicorette inhalers just for something to hold especially when i was on the phone but i started using it less and less

drinking and smoking i actually stayed drinking when i first quit at home just so i got used to not smoking when i had a drink and by the time i went out socially it wasnt as hard as i thought

plus rememebering why your are stopping and writing a list as well as putting the money you used to spend to one side and save it to treat yourself is awesome its scary how much just over a month i spent and that was just on roll ups i was able to treat my grandson to lots of presents for xmas last year and myself to afew things i wouldnt have been able to afford beforehand

sorry im waffling




Hiya Darren

Like you I have made many quit attempts. This time I had got to 30 a day and felt like I always had a ciggie in my hand. Anyway I went to the help2quit clinic and was given patches and mini lozenges. I took the patches off after 2 weeks and now just use the lozenges.

They are a miracle!

If a heavy commited smoker like me,(37 years) can quit on them then anyone can.

If you dont get along with the gum I highly recommend them.

Good luck with this quit.

Lillie xx


I can't use patches as I have psoriasis and it burns like crazy, doesn't seem to matter where I put them. I wish I could have a drink but I know myself. That's part of the reason for that last time I started again. If I was a woman all men would like me in the pub as I'm so easy to talk into things when I've had a couple ;)


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