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So very true


Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone who replied after my recent failed attempt to quit. This post from Bella (thank you) really struck home.

Gaynor, believe me, I know the pain you go through, I was there once.... I've seen you on the boards for so long now and it truly kills me that you make yourself suffer so much when all it takes is getting through these tough first few weeks/months one last time.... you will get challenged, you'll cry, you'll get mad, you'll want them fags so badly it will drive you crazy BUT it fades.... that's what you got to keep holding on to... it fades and then you are free of those struggles. I wish you let yourself go through the stages instead of putting yourself back to the toughest part of the quit over and over.

Best of luck, Gaynor. I know you will do it. I hope it's this one, you truly are a fighter. bella xx

I am so sleepy my brain is not switched on yet lol but just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everyones support and this is day 2 for me.

Have a good day everyone and thanks again.

G xx

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Hello Gaynor,

We meet again :) Today is your 2nd day and today is my 1st so again we try together and this time we will succeed.

It doesn't mean anything bad that you haven't managed to quit, it just shows how determind you are to quit by getting back up and going for it again.

it has to get easier, and I am sure that this time is the last time you quit!!!

Big hugs to you G

Woo x

Welcome back Gaynor and Woo

Wishing you both the very best of luck with your new quits.

I dont have enough fingers and toes to count out the number of times Ive tried to quit. Some have lasted as long as its taken me to get to the shop and buy some and the most successful one lasted 4 weeks.

This one is different, I wont smoke again, I just refuse to.

I think this time is because its primarily for me and also because of the support I get from this forum, particularly from zoemac, she makes me laugh so much I forget about smoking.

Good luck to you on this your successful quit!

Lillie xxx

Hi Woo, Mrs T & lillie,

Thanks for your messages and I hope you have had a good, non smoking day :D

Day 2 has been ok. I had a twitchy feeling towards the end of work. Before I would have lit up the second I was off site :eek: My sub conscious was looking forward to that till my conscious kicked in and reminded me that was not something I do anymore. It is no longer part of my life. The rest of the day I have got through with some long breaths out and sucking lozenges like they have gone out of fashion :rolleyes:

It is nice to not smell like the proverbial old ashtray. I just smell of perfume, soap and shampoo lol.

It was nice to get up to bed last night in 5 minutes and not 15 as I would have had a ciggie first.

It is nice not to be standing outside in the rain and cold.

It was nice to go to Tesco in my lunch break and only spend money on what I needed and not bump it up by another £6.20 or so.

My OH has been quit for 8 days today, nearly 9 so am really proud of him as well.

Looking forward to day 3 tomorrow :D

Gaynor x

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