No Smoking Day
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So pleased to have found you

Must admit that I have found this weekend hard :(

I have been "thinking about" giving up the weed for a long time (like you do, but never get round to it!!), but it recently hit me that I shall soon be the big five-0 and I've also just been made a grandma!! Not wanting to be a smelly, out of breath, dirty old grandma, I actually made the appointment to see the local nurse.

I am on day 19 of the Champix and day 10 of not having a single puff. The first few days of taking the pills I managed to cut down from 20 a day to just 2 a day quite painlessly!!! Infact my hubby (a non smoker!!) even suggested why dont I just cut down instead of giving up completely. We all know that just doesnt end up watching the clock and deciding when to "allow" yourself those "precious" puffs.

The day that I chose to be smoke free I also read Allen Carrs "Easyway" which made so much sense to me and I thought that this WILL BE easy.

However, I have found that the pills have made me a bit quessy and also a bit away with the fairies, in other words more dozy than usual. After going back to the nurse for my next prescription, I found I had put on 4lb in weight and my blood pressure had gone up????!!! Also, this weekend I have thought about smoking non-stop, even as far as thinking perhaps I should "just cut down" NO NO NO NO!!!! I have come this far and I have found this forum, which looks like it could help me no end.

So, please, please tell me it will get better. I know that what I'm feeling isnt real cravings, it just that I fancy a ciggy, BUT thats what got me into this trouble in the first place:confused:

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Hello Chickendoodle.

I've quit for 21 days today (amazing!) and I'm taking Champix too. I think over the last 3 weeks I've only had 2 particularly bad days. They haven't been physical cravings, but like you, psychological ones, which I think are just as bad.

Anyway I've got through them somehow...distraction, posting here, eating, walking, reading Allen Carr, listening to Paul Mckenna.

They're always worse in the morning and as the day goes on they gradually fade away

You may have more bad days, but you CAN deal with them, like you are doing today.

Be confident and be proud. You're doing fantastically well.

By the way...did your nurse comment on your raised blood pressure? Perhaps its something you could ask her about next time , or see your doctor.

Don't worry about weight gain...concentrate on this wonderful thing you are doing.



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