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Still here

I've not posted for some time and thought I should pop in to say that I'm still quit.

Just spent 15 days in Portgual and it was very noticable how prevalent and acceptable smoking seems to be over there. This caused a lot of temptations in the first few days but as with most of these things the temptations became fewer and easier to handle as the days passed.

As i'm now approaching 7 weeks quit I'm going to activly try to cut back on the NRT. I've been using niquitin minis (1.5 mg) and the initial usage of 7/8 or 9 p/day seemed to naturally reduce to about 5 p/day but my body and/or mind seems to want that 7.5 mgs of nicotine.

Not sure if this is very sensible but I plan to chop the pills in half so I can still have 5 odd NIC. "hits" per day but still reduce my daily intake !!!!!!

A N Y W A Y .............. everything is basically good here:) :):)

Best wishes to all you other quitters I hope we can all stay strong.....

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Hiya grumpie

Ive done just that and cut my lozenges in half. In the last two days Ive had the equivalent of 2 1/2 lozenges a day so Im dead pleased. I think we are just tricking the mind.

It seems to be working for me so I hope it does for you, and congratulations on surviving the holiday without smoking.

Lillie xx


Hello Grumpie

You're doing very well indeed, especially spending time where you're surrounded by smokers.

Good luck for the rest of month 2


Thank you Elizabeth and Lillie for your comments.

Lillie, I think I've had 4or 5 half pills today, not as good as you, but better than the 4 or 5 full pills that I've used up until now.

Let us all stay strong....


Hey grumpie that was the same as me..2 1/2 pills = 5 half ones. Well it was the same as me, I think I did it too soon so have gone back to full ones.

Good luck and keep up the good fight.

Lillie xx


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