No Smoking Day
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Can't wait for day 4!

Hi All,

5 1/2 hours until I have completed day 3 as a non-smoker :)

Hasn't been as difficult as my last attempt about 4 years ago, but still finding it hard...I'm using Nicorette Quickmist - only a couple of sprays a day (still feels liking cheating, but better than giving in!)

I'm eating a lot more than I would normally, which worries me slighlty as I don't want to put on too much weight :(

Yes, I'm waffling...apologies...keep typing...stop thinking about cravings...;)

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Face them craves head on see them for what they are,breathe trough them, walk out of the room brushh your teeth do a wordpuzzle, they only last a few minutes . i find that if iresist them they sneak in another way. by resist i mean wish they werent happening. my tactic is to welcome them cos then i know the enemy is still lurking. if i forget .it'll sneak up on me and whisper sweet nothings and im a sukker for sweet talk thats why i smoked..SHow them cravings your teeth dangermouse.



Facing your cravings and triggers

Thanks Mash. You're right - I need to not hide!

In light of your comment, I had my first coffee in days today (always a trigger) and worked through it :)

Did a lot of reading around quitting yesterday and one of the biggest things is not to be afraid of your triggers...if you stop, you make yourself vulnerable for the future...still, couldn't have faced coffee a few days ago - must be getting stronger :D


well done danger mouse your doing really well they say day three is the worst but you seem to be coping well keep strong :)


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