No Smoking Day
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25 days 15 hours Smoke Free

Heading for my first month smoke free and feeling great I have more time and energy to keep on top of the cleaning my flat is looking really good now all my clothes have been washed and ironed the windows and nets washed and the paint work cleaned so I can now say my flat and content's are now smoke free and smelling sweet.

The champix has worked really well with no side effects that I have noticed so I think I have to be thankful for that I know some people don't get on with it to well.

I now feel even better as I was typing the post I began to realize how well I am doing I wish everyone good luck because it's a wonderful freedom to be smoke free.

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Hi Viv,

Congratulations on nearly completing the first month, it's a great feeling isn't it?:D Glad you are having a good day. And you will soon be into Month2:D



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